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Cool Spin: Lake Street Dive, ‘Bad Self Portraits’ (Signature Sounds)

East Coast quartet Lake Street Dive blends elements of jazz, soul and Americana to create an eclectic pop that’s hook-y yet deep. There are echoes of early Supremes, Jackie Wilson and maybe even Supertramp in the rhythmic arrangements behind the full-throated voice of singer Rachael Price. And there are plenty of unexpected moments, too—the odd spacey synth tone, trash-can drum solo or psychedelic guitar riff. Everything’s on the table musically, and it all comes together in the bandmembers’ smart pop songs, sung with both nuance and power.

Produced and mixed by Sam Kassirer. Studio: Great North Sound Society (Parsonfield, Maine). Mastering: Jeff Lipton/Peerless Mastering (Boston, Mass.)