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Epworth Talks Adele’s 21

Paul Epworth talks about working on Adele's Grammy-winning "21" album, his production philosophy and UA equipment in an interview on the UA Blog.

Scotts Valley, CA (June 5, 2012)—Paul Epworth talks about working on Adele’s Grammy-winning 21 album, his production philosophy and UA equipment in an interview on the UA Blog.

Epworth’s work on Adele’s 21—an album that employed Universal Audio hardware in her vocal chain–earned him Grammy awards for Album, Song, and Record of the Year for “Rolling In The Deep,” as well as Producer of the Year award. “All the vocals on the Adele tracks I produced were recorded through the Universal Audio 6176 [Vintage Channel Strip], so you can credit Adele’s bright and crystal-clear, dulcet tones to the UA preamp and compressor,” he explains.

Though many music fans first became aware of Epworth through his work with Adele, the man is anything but an overnight success. Epworth has assembled a resume that includes production credits on Cee Lo Green’s The Lady Killer, Foster The People’s Torches, Florence + the Machine’s Ceremonials, and many others.

Epworth also routinely incorporates UAD Powered Plug-Ins in his productions, which are renowned for their classic analog warmth and tone. “They’re standard things I use because they have character and they sound classic,” he explains. “They’re so close to the original items that you can’t tell the difference just by listening. For this instance, when you’ve got a voice like Adele’s which sounds that classic, it’s important to try to do it justice with the processing you use on it. For that purpose, I would only choose to turn to these Universal Audio versions of the real thing.”

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