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Ilio Completes Facility Expansion

ILIO Entertainments recently unveiled sweeping changes to the company’s office facilities at Westlake Village, Calif.

ILIO Entertainments recently unveiled sweeping changes to thecompany’s office facilities at Westlake Village, Calif. Fueled bythe growing popularity of the sample libraries and virtual instrumentproducts that ILIO distributes and supports, the expansion has nearlytripled the building’s size from 2,400 to 7,000 square feet toaccommodate ILIO’s growing sales and support staff. The expansionalso adds a state-of-the-art demonstration room and an additional 2,700square feet of warehouse space.

“We’re extremely happy to unveil this new and improvedfacility,” says Mark Hiskey, principal of ILIO. “Over thepast few years, we’ve enjoyed great success with many of theproduct lines we distribute, including Spectrasonics VirtualInstruments, the Vienna Symphonic Library, Ultimate Sound Bank andSoundscan, and we anticipate similar results for new product lines fromApplied Acoustics Systems and Synthogy. This expansion underscores ourcontinuing commitment to providing ILIO’s customers, sales forceand internal office staff with not only the best products to represent,but with exceptional resources, training and support.”

The highlight of the expansion is ILIO’s brand-new,580-square-foot demonstration room. The room is equipped with astate-of-the-art video projection and audio system featuring Genelec1037b monitors. It will serve as the focal point of ILIO’s newinitiative to provide better training to dealer sales personnel and toperform customer clinics in an ideal acoustical environment.

These additions augment ILIO’s existing space, which includesan audio control room, a live room and a mixing/mastering room. Theexpansion broke ground in October of 2003, and was officially openedfor use on January 5, 2004.

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