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King Gets Dangerous with Kings

Edmeston, NY (October 22, 2010)--Jacquire King, who co-produced, engineered and mixed Kings of Leon's Grammy-winning "Use Somebody," used Dangerous Music's 2-Bus and Monitor ST on the band's new release.

Edmeston, NY (October 22, 2010)–Jacquire King, who co-produced, engineered and mixed Kings of Leon’s Grammy-winning “Use Somebody,” used Dangerous Music’s 2-Bus and Monitor ST on the band’s new release.

“With the advent of the Dangerous 2-Bus,” King says, “being able to bypass the summing in the computer, plus the option of creating a hybrid setup where I can use a lot of the really fine analog outboard pieces that I have, I find that it’s absolutely comparable to mixing on a great analog console. In the past, I’ve had to mix things completely in the box, and it’s kind of a losing battle. You can get to where you need to be I guess, but it’s not as emotionally or technically satisfying. I have done quite a lot of mixing on large format consoles–that’s how I learned–and up until recently, that’s how I had mixed the stuff that I considered to be my better-sounding work.”

“Now I use the Dangerous 2-Bus for mixing,” he adds, “and I use the Dangerous Monitor ST as well. I listen through them during the whole production process whenever it’s possible, from tracking to overdubs and then through mixing, so I’m always listening to what my final stereo outcome is going to sound like.”

Detailing some of his reasons for using the 2-Bus summing amp, he says, “The recall is much better because of the way it is designed as a dedicated back-end to a DAW system. There are fewer variables in the signal path to get in the way. The amount of analog gear that I can insert is perfect. It is the sonic equivalent of a large format analog console. It’s something that you can take with you. I can have the same sonic setup and footprint in a few racks that can be moved around to wherever I’m working–it’s repeatable and convenient to use.”

The latest Kings of Leon album, Come Around Sundown, is released this month.

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