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Larry Chernoff, Joshua Touber Form Chernoff Touber Associates

Using their knowledge in technology, software, post-production and facility design and management to advise entertainment studios, advertising agencies, broadcasters and commercial/promo edit houses

Using their knowledge in technology, software, post-production andfacility design and management to advise entertainment studios,advertising agencies, broadcasters and commercial/promo edit houses,the new company will also provide consulting services for digital assetmanagement, video and data convergence and facility-management softwarerequirements.

Chernoff (pictured above), a founder of FilmCore, ENCORE and R!OT,most recently served as president of Creative Services Worldwide forAscent Media Group from 1998 to 2002 after the sale of theaforementioned facilities to Ascent. In January 2003, he was namedchairman of Creative Services at Ascent Media Group.

Touber (pictured, right) most recently served as COO of CreativeServices for Ascent Media Group for two years and was managing directorof Encore Hollywood for two years prior. As a partner and VP ofoperations at XyTech Systems, he was one of the original designers ofits facility-management software product.

“We’re both lucky to have a passion and background inthe creative process. It helps us to relate well to the end goal of ourclients: content. In addition, I think we have a decent track record assuccessful entrepreneurs. This gives us a unique opportunity to assistin developing technology and business strategies while not losing sightof the true creative nature of our clients,” Touber said.“In essence, our backgrounds as ‘creatives turnedmanagers’ make us sympathetic to creative objectives whilemaintaining fiscal business disciplines.”

Rubin Postaer Associates, an independently owned Los Angeles-basedadvertising agency, recently named Chernoff Touber Associates to designa state-of-the-art in-house facility. Jack Hetherington, senior VP atRPA, said, “Like any agency today, our clients are extremelysophisticated in their expectations of all media presentation, so weneeded an in-house facility that could generate content that would liveharmoniously side-by-side with other materials from our high-endexternal facility vendors. Chernoff Touber Associates is delivering acomprehensive solution that we simply couldn’t have put togetheron our own.”

For more information, contact Chernoff Touber Associates at323/993-5995.