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Production Mixer Takes On ‘I’ll Play Mother’

UK-based production sound mixer Joshua Dykes recently put his Sound Devices-based system to work on his latest feature project, I’ll Play Mother.

UK-based production sound mixer Joshua Dykes
UK-based production sound mixer Joshua Dykes.

Manchester, UK (May 17, 2023)—UK-based production sound mixer Joshua Dykes has added a Sound Devices A20-Nexus digital wireless receiver to his Sound Devices 888 portable production mixer-recorder and recently put the system to work on his latest feature project, I’ll Play Mother.

“Nexus was a big step forward as far as my wireless infrastructure was concerned, and it gave us a lot more flexibility on that production,” Dykes explained. “Being able to control every single feature of a transmitter from one box is brilliant,” he continued. “Adjusting the levels at the mixer with GainForward instead of on the transmitters largely eliminated the possibility of clipping and made it so much easier to focus on the actual mixing. Having the battery life of the transmitters in my hands with the controllable power output for the A20 transmitters is a game-changer too. It really makes a difference on a production when you have that level of control so easily accessible and usable.”

Capturing the Sound of ‘Wednesday’

Dykes assembles small on-the-go kit bags for his regular news work with the BBC and long feature shoots. “It was obvious to me early on that ensuring the quality of my work from an equipment standpoint was extremely important to moving up in the world, so I’ve made it a priority,” he said. “Not only does that guarantee overall sound quality, but you’re saving time and money for the production when you can do it all yourself with the right gear.”

He continued, “There’s also the added benefit that when I’m passing down the mentorship, I was fortunate enough to receive earlier in my career to the younger guys in the field. Being leant the Sound Devices MixPre and 8-Series mixer/recorders early on prepared me for professional work, so I’m proud to be able to do the same.”