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The Lodge

740 Broadway, Suite 605 New York, NY 10003 212/353-3895

The Lodge
740 Broadway, Suite 605
New York, NY 10003

Tel.: 212/353-3895
Fax: 212/353-2575
E-mail: [email protected]

The finest in digital and analog technologies, coupled with a uniquesense of style, set The Lodge apart from other mastering facilities.It’s no surprise that audiophiles from major and independentlabels alike seek out this service-oriented Shangri-La.

President/CEO and mastering engineer Emily Lazar established TheLodge in Manhattans bustling bohemian (and increasingly high-tech)Lower Broadway area in 1997. Since then, it has become one of New YorkCity’s leading high-end audio mastering and specialized recordingfacilities. Designed by Lazar with assistance from WaterlandDesign’s Vincent Van Haaff, the multiroom facility is based aroundSonic Solutions16/24 and 24/96 HD digital audio workstations.

Select highlights from the studio’s extensive equipment listinclude converters from dB Technologies (AD122-96 MkII A/D and DA924D/A), Prism Sound (AD-124 A/D and DA-1 D/A) and Apogee Digital(AD-8000SE multichannel converter). It also features analog gems fromAvalon (AD-2077, AD-2055, AD-2044, and AD-747), Pultec (a matched pairof EQP 1A-3 program equalizers), and Tube Tech (SMC-2A stereo multibandcompressor), as well as digital outboard equipment from TC Electronic(M6000 and M5000), DK Audio (MSD600M), Weiss (DS-1de-esser/compressor/limiter), and Z Systems (ZQ-6 6-channel masteringparametric equalizer and ZCL-6 6-channel mastering dynamicsprocessor).

“The mastering suites are intended to provide the best in bothdigital and analog audio technology,” says Lazar, who earned amaster’s degree from NYU’s Music Technology Program, whereshe has also taught graduate-level courses. The main mastering suiteincludes three soaring windows that bathe the studio in natural light,and the custom desk, which houses a Muth Audio Design CM-2040 console,is made from bird’s-eye maple and has intricate inlay detail. Thefully stocked kitchen and relaxing atmosphere of the lounges add to TheLodge experience. “It’s not just a concept,” explains Lazar.”We’ve proven that providing a refreshing space with versatile andtalented engineers delivers genuine results.” The accommodating anddedicated staff organizes even the most challenging projects withgrace, and their meticulous attention to detail gives The Lodge itsdistinctive flair and steadfast consistency.

When discussing just one of The Lodge’s many playbackmonitoring options–a Genelec 1031A/1094 6-channel surroundarray–Lazar explains, “The listening environment was designed witha natural approach, and the relative accuracy exists in virtually anyposition.” In addition to the mastering suites, The Lodge offers a ProTools-based studio, which includes an iso room and a wide array ofvintage instruments, amplifiers and microphones. All of the suites inthe facility are tielined, which makes completing a project at TheLodge a smooth and efficient process.

The Lodge was an early entrant in providing DVD authoring services,adding Sonic Solutions DVD Creator in 2000. The Lodge’s experiencewith handling the many options for DVD-Audio serves as its portal tothe new media market. “Besides existing on the more traditional mediumslike tape, vinyl and CD, audio has exploded on the Internet and isavailable in various compression formats,” Lazar says. “We address theissues associated with all of these newer technologies by testing ourmastered projects in a number of playback scenarios. This way we canhear not only how it sounds on great speakers, but also how well itholds up in the domain of new media and digital distribution.”

Recent projects mastered at the Lodge have included SineadO’Connor, Gang Starr, Mindless Self Indulgence, Sun Ra, Vitamin C,Neil Sedaka and Taj Mahal. Lazar also mastered the Saturday Night Live25th Anniversary boxed set, the Hedwig & the Angry Inch cast album,more than two dozen titles in the Putumayo World Music Series, and ahost of high-profile soundtracks, including Pokémon: The FirstMovie, Boys Don’t Cry, American Psycho andTraining Day.

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