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Matrox Millennium P650 Upgrade Kit

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced a new TripleHead upgrade kit for the Millennium P650 graphics card

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced a new TripleHead upgrade kit for theMillennium P650 graphics card, extending the single display andDualHead capabilities of this 64MB graphics board to TripleHead Desktopmode. The new upgrade kit includes a DVI-to-dual HD-15 cable and TVoutput connector, along with a special utility for enabling TripleHeadand dual-display, plus TV output functionality with the MillenniumP650.

“Matrox has a history of producing productivity-enhancingmultidisplay graphics cards for workstation users and we’re pleased toextend this support to audio professionals with the Millennium P650 andTripleHead upgrade kit,” commented Caroline Injoyan, product manager atMatrox Graphics. “Audio professionals have unique needs, requiring aquiet environment for music production and multidisplay technologiesfor taking full advantage of their software. With the Millennium P650’ssilent operation and TripleHead upgrade kit, users can optimize theircreative workflow with no distractions.”

The Millennium P650 is a multidisplay graphics card featuring AGP 8xsupport and Matrox’s image quality and text clarity. Equipped withhigh-quality dual-400MHz RAMDACs, the Millennium P650 providesflicker-free analog resolutions of up to 1,920×1,440 on each displayand space-saving dual-DVI support for resolutions up to 1,600×1,200 oneach digital flat panel.

Drivers are provided for Microsoft Windows XP/ 2000/NT.

The Millennium P650 is available at for $169 U.S. The MillenniumP650 TripleHead upgrade kit is sold separately for $90.

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