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MediaMatrix NION

MediaMatrix (NSCA booth 1533), a division of Peavey Electronics Corporation, will introduce the new NION

MediaMatrix (NSCA booth 1533), a division of Peavey ElectronicsCorporation, will introduce the new NION (pronounced nee-on), aprogrammable digital audio processing node designed for professionaland commercial audio and communications applications that is coupledwith a SHARC Hammerhead DSP engine and extremely efficient audioalgorithms.

The internal processing core is supported by a wide range offeatures, including MediaMatrix’s Scalable I/O Architecture, amodular I/O scheme that supports a variety of optional plug-in cardsfor maximum versatility; four module bays, which support up to 32simultaneous analog audio channels; and the integrated CobraNet port,which provides another 64 channels, for a total of 96 simultaneousconfigurable audio channels.

NION is built on a new embedded Linux architecture designed forstable, efficient and robust performance. A new 512-channel digitalaudio bus allows for seamless stacking and redundant, self-healingconfigurations, and NION also offers low-latency audio across all I/Oports. Software support includes new Windows-based interface that workswith multiple nodes across an Ethernet network.

Additional support for third-party control and SNMP management toolsis included. An intuitive front panel interface features an LCD, softbuttons and rotary encoder to enable access to common system functions.Additional control interfacing is provided by both RS-232 and RS-485ports, while a new configurable GPIO system makes interface with hardcontacts and logic systems easier.

NION products are currently available in two configurations: TheNION n6 provides a total of six Analog Devices SHARC DSPs while theNION n3 provides three.

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