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Mix Regional Sessions: New England


John Scofield and Joe Lovano worked on the Grammy Award-nominated album Past Present, with producer John Scofield and engineer Jay Newland, with additional engineering by Ian Callanan…Warren Haynes worked on vocal and guitar overdubs for Ashes & Dust, with engineer Brendan Muldowney (Haynes also produced). Muldowney used the vintage ELAM 251 E through a Shep Neve to the LA-2A…Marcus King worked on an upcoming release, with producer Haynes and engineer Muldowney. They ran drums, guitars and more through a 3M 16-track tape machine…Arian Saleh worked on his self-titled album with producers Dave Eggar, Chuck Palmer and Muldowney (Muldowney also engineered), with additional engineering by Mikhail Pivovarov…Director Sean Robinson was in the studio to record a 5.1 surround-sound mix of the score that Eggar, Palmer and Amy Lee (Evanescence) had composed for the short film Indigo Grey: The Passage, with Eggar, Palmer and Lee producing and Muldowney engineering…Director Joshua Sweeney worked on music for the film Same Difference, with producers Eggar and Palmer (Sweeney also produced) and engineer Pivovarov.

Blue Jazz TV at Guilford Sound


Carton recorded live to 2-inch 16-track with engineer David Snyder…Valerie June was with producer/engineer Matt Marinelli…Blue Jazz TV worked on material with engineer John Klett…Speedy Ortiz was with producer/engineer John Agnello…So Percussion with Buke and Gase was with engineer David Snyder…Metric was with producers John O’Mahon and Liam O’Neil…The studio has also acquired new gear, including two Greg Hanks 660 mic pre/compressors with the A/D converter upgrades, two new MC77s from Purple Audio, and the following vintage guitar amps: 1964 all-original Vox AC30, 1966 all-original Vox AC30TB, 1958 all-original Fender Deluxe 5E3, Sampson era Matchless DC30 head, circa 1960 Gibson GA-78 Bell 30, and circa 1961 Titano 262R custom with true vibrato…The studio also recently had its AMS RMX and AMS DMX units rebuilt by Studio Electronics.

The A Room at Cybersound


Jennifer Lawrence and Edgar Ramirez were in to record singing scenes for the 20th Century Fox movie Joy, with David O. Russell directing…English soccer star Daniel Sturridge was in to record music, and he also shot an interview with Vice Sports…Dennis Leary was in recording a voiceover for the TV show Behind the B for the Boston Bruins…Dutch electronic musician DJ Bakermat was at Cybersound for a three days during his American tour to work on some remixes…Chicago artist DJ Dopejack remixed his track “Up in House” with engineer Rob Whitaker…Altered States worked on their upcoming album with engineers Whitaker and Perry Geyer…Former Patriots player and artist Tully Banta-Cain and Boston-based Knuckles (both of NBS) were in to record new tracks.

Will Schillinger and Kenny Aronoff


Will Schillinger, owner of Pilot Recording Studios, is producing Jordan Weller and The Feathers’ new album with Jason McConnell assisting. This session involves the use of Pilot’s Studer A827 2-inch tape machine, as well as old-school miking and mixing techniques on Pilot’s 80-input SSL G+. “These guys seriously rock!” Schillinger says…Also in recording is Francesca Anderegg on violin and Erika Ribeiro on piano for their upcoming record, A Tour of Brazil…Schillinger and Jerome Fox have just completed recording and mixing a record for Chrissy Gardner…Kenny Aronoff is coming in this month with Schillinger producing a record for Matt Cimini…There have been a number of film mixes and ADR also happening at Pilot, as well as numerous mastering sessions…Pilot has also been fabricating a line of 1073 microphone preamplifiers and has been using them extensively on these projects.


Mastering engineer Adam Ayan mastered the following projects at Gateway: live recordings of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band for The recordings were all archival shows, some dating back as far as 1975. Many were mixed from multitracks by longtime Bruce Springsteen engineer Toby Scott, and many were mixed and mastered DSD, using the Merging Technologies Pyramix Workstation (for mastering), some also using Flux plug-ins in the DXD domain…Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ album PersonA…new material from Ace Frehley, with Frehley producing and Warren Huart engineering…and Mavis Staples’ album Livin’ On A High Note, with M Ward producing and Tucker Martine engineering.

L to R: Will Holland and Jim Keaney at Chillhouse Studios.


Shea Rose and Simone Scazzocchio produced, and Will Holland engineered the live multitracking of Isabella Stewart at the Gardner Museum/RISE Concert Series, including national and international performers at Calderwood Hall, the Gardner Museum’s new performance space, with post-production and mixing at the studio for audio and video release online and in the museum store…Dub Apocalypse was in the studio recording/mixing/mastering for an upcoming album, with Tommy Benedetti and Van Gordon Martin producing and Holland engineering…The Silks were tracking and mixing for their sophomore album, with Tyler James Kelly producing and Holland engineering…SeepeopleS tracked and mixed their latest album, with Will Bradford and Holland producing (Holland also engineered)… Pansy Division is currently in the studio working on their upcoming album Quite Contrary, with Jim Keaney engineering (Pansy Division also produced)…Engineer Keaney worked with Honest Engine TV Productions as a location sound mixer. The shoots consisted of city-wide ride-alongs with a well-known stand-up comedian and the Boston Police Department for an upcoming comedy special which will air on TV in the spring…The studio also added new pieces of gear from Manley, Elysia Audio and Gyraf, as well as software from iZotope and FabFilter.