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Nick Mac is Ready to Record Anywhere

When Electric Feel Entertainment recommissioned one of its studios, chief engineer Nick Mac also added to his own arsenal of equipment.

Electric Feel Entertainment chief engineer Nick Mac.
Electric Feel Entertainment chief engineer Nick Mac.

Los Angeles, CA (June 6, 2024)—When Electric Feel Entertainment recommissioned one of its production studios in Los Angeles, chief engineer Nick Mac also added to his own arsenal of equipment.

Electric Feel recommissioned the studio with all-new wiring, a Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta analog mixing console, Genelec monitors and an aesthetic facelift, acoustic improvements and more. At the same time, Mac added a Focusrite Red 16Line multichannel A/D D/A interface, the ISA ADN2 two-channel A/D card and RedNet AM2 stereo audio monitoring unit to his arsenal of equipment.

Mac, whose engineering credits include Post Malone, The Kid Laroi, 24kGoldn, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, YG and Future, has consistently relied on the Focusrite ISA 428 multichannel microphone preamplifier, ISA 430 channel strip and ISA One mic pre/DI. More recently, he says, “I have been using the Red 16Line quite a lot lately. My friends probably make fun of me behind my back, but I have my 16Line in a rack—it’s a four-space rack—with my Mac mini in a chassis. And on the front of the rack, I’ve created a panel that allows me eight in and eight out to my line in and output.

“Basically, everywhere I go, whether it’s at Electric Feel or at another studio or wherever, I’m dragging this rack around with my 16Line. I can track with it and I can mix with it. I most commonly track with that and use my ISA One as my mic pre to feed into my little patch panel I have on the front. And in some situations, because I just added the ADN2, I’ve used RedNet to break out to a couple other pieces of gear. I’ve used the ISA One with RedNet, which I really love. It lets you get incredible distances away from your setup, but still have control. All with pristine audio.”


Because of the nature of Mac’s clients, he needs to have the flexibility to record in a wide variety of spaces, hence the new ISA ADN2 two-channel A/D card for his ISA One. “RedNet has been providing the flexibility to work in a wide range of location situations. Sometimes we’ll get calls: ‘Oh, we’re going to set up a camp at this house and work there for a month, or a week,’ or whatever it is. And now that I have RedNet capability, you can plug in and create whatever kind of setup you want,” he says.

“I’m a big fan of doing different stations for different things and having the flexibility without compromising the core of what we’re doing, which is always getting the best high-quality audio. So the Focusrite gear allows me to have the kind of setup I need to have when capturing the tracks of my artists.”