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Now Shipping: SPL B-DEAP Horn Enclosure

Developed by SPL’s creative director of R&D, Thomas Danley, the B-DEAP design takes into consideration the physical space outside the actual box, utilizing

Developed by SPL’s creative director of R&D, ThomasDanley, the B-DEAP design takes into consideration the physical spaceoutside the actual box, utilizing boundaries, enclosure walls andgeometry to form a bass horn external to the unit.

Traditionally, a bass horn capable of extending to 30 Hz requires anenclosure with a 10- to 12-foot wide mouth. Even a multibox segmentedbass horn requires a lot of space. By employing the principal of theacoustic mirror image and the External Airpath technology, the B-DEAPsystem avoids the need for large-size enclosures, while deliveringnatural, clean, low-end sound, bypassing costly construction andtransportation expenses.

The acoustic mirror-image concept dictates that when an acousticspace is halved, the mouth area of a bass horn is also halved; whencorner-loaded, the mouth area is reduced to 1/8. With the B-DEAPapproach, the last half of the horn is created through the existingroom and enclosure boundaries. As a result, Sound Physics’ B-DEAP32 isan enclosure measuring 42x42x18 inches, loaded with two 12-inchhigh-excursion drivers and weighing in at 175 pounds. Low-frequencycut-off is boundary-dependent (on configuration in room), typically 30to 40 Hz.

The B-DEAP32 functions near-optimum levels when set under a stage,placed in an open space or even flown in multiples. In theseapplications, the frequency response measures in the mid-30Hz range atvery high power.

“Our customers are looking to purchase products that reduce theirsystem cost, increase efficiency and deliver performance beyond thenorm,” noted Brad Skuran, president of Sound Physics Labs/ServoDrive.”With that in mind, Tom Danley invented a new bass-horn technology thatdelivers low-end bass at levels users have to hear—andfeel—to believe. Beta testers include Mike Hedden, president ofdB Acoustics and Sound, who has already purchased over a dozen units. Adecade-and-a-half ago, Danley jolted the industry with his servomotor-driven subwoofer. Today, his new bass-horn design meets all livesound criteria: price, performance and flexibility.”

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