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Open Labs OpenSynth neKo64

Open Labs has started shipping the OpenSynth™ neKo64™ open-platform keyboard workstations.

Open Labs has started shipping the OpenSynth™ neKo64™open-platform keyboard workstations. The OpenSynth combines the powerand flexibility of personal computers with the real-world playabilityof traditional electronic keyboards, allowing musicians to use virtualinstruments and effects plug-ins in a studio or live performancesetting. Shipments began with the 61-key AMD Opteron version, with the76-key soon to follow.

The OpenSynth neKo64 is equipped with up to dual AMD Opteron™processors running at 64 bits. Bundled software includes GigaStudio 32,SonicSynth with Sample Tank LE, Traktion, Orion Pro, Karsyn and morethan 40 VST and VSTi plug-ins, totaling hundreds of sounds and effects.Due to customer requests, all neKo series have been upgraded to includethe pro audio I/O with 10 ins/out and all four control modules. Theentry-level model will not include the optional 15-inch LCD touchscreen, but will include built-in video support for an externalmonitor.

“Neko64 combines the unmatched production power of the Opteron64-bit architecture with the unlimited creative potential ofopen-software–based synthesis,” said Charles R. Boswell Jr.,senior member technical staff AMD Digital Media and Entertainment. “Theadvent of Neko64 marks the beginning of the next revolution in musicproduction and performance.”

“Our goal was to deliver a complete solution to the artist,” saidVictor Wong, CEO of Open Labs Inc. “The numerous technical advances wehave made in hardware and software design allowed us to deliver uponour promise. We are sure that everyone will be as pleased with theresults as we are.”

Open Labs will offer custom-configured versions direct from itsWebsite, Preconfigured versions andupgrade components will be available directly from its resellers. Thefirst 1,000 units shipped will be the signature series marked byhand-numbered signatures of the founders, a framed certificate ofauthenticity, black-colored endbells and additional limited-editiongoodies. Street price for the neKo series keyboard workstation startsat $3,445.

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