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Wild Beasts, ‘Boy King’

For its fifth album, Boy King, British group Wild Beasts decamped to Dallas, Texas, to producer and multi-instrumentalist John Congleton’s Elmwood Recording studio. Recording...


Rooney, ‘Washed Away’

Robert Schwartzman mixed and mastered the newest Rooney album, Washed Away, three times with three mastering engineers. The final version, mixed by Dave Trumfio...


Carlos Rodriguez-Quiros

Carlos Rodriguez-Quiros is a renowned classical guitarist with an affinity for sound. From what he hears in his brain to his fingers on the...


Charles Bradley’s ‘Changes’

The challenge for producer/engineer/guitarist Thomas Brenneck, who has completed his third album with the fabulous ’60s-style soul singer Charles Bradley, is somehow to capture...


Leland Sundries at The Creamery

“What compels me about Nick’s music is his storytelling,” says engineer/studio owner Quinn McCarthy; he recorded and mixed Music for Outcasts from Leland Sundries,...

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