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Propellerhead Releases ReCycle 2.1

Propellerhead Software's ReCycle 2.1 will be a free update for registered users of ReCycle 2.0.

Propellerhead Software’s ReCycle 2.1 will be a free update forregistered users of ReCycle 2.0. The upgrade offers a new suite oftools that include Reason Adapted (a Reason version streamlined forloop composition that includes Dr. REX, REX2 file player, a mixer,effects, the NN-XT sampler and the Reason Sampler) and the Reloadutility to import Akai samples. In addition, ReCycle 2.1 is compatiblewith Mac OS X.

ReCycle prepares drum loops by analyzing and slicing them, and thencreates the necessary audio elements and embeds the required sequencerdata to the specialized REX file format. The effect of this is that theloop becomes tempo-independent, the user can edit its components freelyto “rebuild” the loop and the timing information in the recording canbe applied to other sequenced elements of the music. REX files can beplayed and edited by all major audio sequencers such as Cubase, Logic,Digital Performer and Sonar. In addition, they can also be played backby software sampling applications such as Propellerhead SoftwareReason, Steinberg Halion, Emagic’s EXS24mkII and many more.

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