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Scott Litt Brings Ocean Way Home

Having created some of R.E.M.’s classic albums at Ocean Way Studios, Litt brings things full-circle, using Ocean Way Audio monitors to remix the band for a new box set.

Los Angeles, CA (October 1, 2019)—Engineer and producer Scott Litt, well known for working on six R.E.M. albums during the band’s most successful period, recently installed an Ocean Way Audio’s HR4S monitor system in his Venice, CA, recording studio.

“I started as an engineer at Power Station in New York in the late ‘70s, a very famous studio in its day,” says Litt. “When I decided to relocate to California, I did the rounds of a number of studios, and as soon as I walked into Ocean Way, it felt like home to me. I was a little bit of a sound snob, coming from what you think is the best studio in the world, but Ocean Way became my new home. The first project I did there was the first Indigo Girls record.”

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He continues, “Ocean Way became my home for a number of years, even to the point where the guys actually built a room for me there, and I put in a Neve 8068 console. I did a number of projects there, including some R.E.M. and Nirvana mixing. I have a long history with Ocean Way, and so it was par for the course for me to make the jump to this HR4S system.”

Litt’s new Ocean Way Audio HR4S monitor package includes HR4 speakers with the 800W two-way, side-ported S12A studio sub for extended low frequency monitoring, resulting in an ultra-wide horizontal sweet spot. At the heart of the acoustic design of the HR4S is a dual/hybrid waveguide system delivering 100-by-40-degree coverage.

“I am absolutely delighted with the HR4S speakers,” says Litt. “They sound perfect for this room. They adjust well. People love them. What’s great is that the splay of them is just perfect for a room this size, where one walks around and it sounds even throughout the room. They’re just bright enough, and loud enough, that you can work a nice long day without fatigue. I am super pleased.”

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R.E.M. have announced a massive 25th reissue of their 1994 album Monster, the latest in the band’s ongoing series of 25th anniversary archival reissues. The six-disc reissue will be released on November 1 and includes a new mix of the album by Litt, who was the original producer.

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