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Slate Listens with Ocean Way

Slate gets plug-ins rock solid using Ocean Way Audio monitors.

Los Angeles, CA (October 29, 2019)—Producer and engineer Steven Slate, CEO of Slate Digital and Slate Pro Audio, has installed the Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 monitor system in the recording, mixing and testing studio at his company’s headquarters in L.A.

“This is where every Slate Digital product gets tested and approved,” says Slate. “It’s a really important listening environment for us because this is where the tools that the industry uses are finalized. We needed an exceptional monitoring reference because the tweaks we make on our products here are going to be essential and critical choices for our products worldwide.”

Scott Litt Brings Ocean Way Home

Slate elaborates on the details: “For one thing, we actually have a true low end. It’s important for me to make sure I hear what our plug-ins are doing in the 40 – 100 kHz range, a very critical area. It needs to be delivered in reference quality. It has to have the proper dynamics, the proper detail, and the Ocean Way 3.5’s really deliver in that area.”

The Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 stand-alone or soffit-mounted monitor speaker system delivers a frequency response of 20 Hz – 22 kHz with an SPL of 120dB. The HR3.5 incorporates an integrated 2-way dual-horn system with a 1-inch HF and 8-inch MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12-inch sub-bass drivers per channel.

“If I’m tweaking how the transformer harmonics and a certain plug-in sound, that is a critical area which has to be accurate, and it has to be trustworthy,” Slate continues. “The top end is pleasant and not overly accentuated. It’s accurate, dynamic, and it’s reference quality. I need to trust what I’m hearing, and the top and the bottom on these speakers deliver just what I need.”

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Slate adds, “Tweaking and calibrating our plug-ins requires a truly accurate monitoring system. I love my HR 3.5s and they come with a guarantee, that Allen Sides legacy, designed not just by a technical designer, but a creative designer who’s worked extensively and made fantastic records. An important part of the decision to install these monitors was knowing the designer behind them.”

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