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Soundelux E49

Like the original, the Soundelux E49 condenser microphone is a remote variable-pattern tube mic that uses Soundelux's KK47 large-diaphragm capsule

Like the original, the Soundelux E49 condenser microphone is aremote variable-pattern tube mic that uses Soundelux’s KK47large-diaphragm capsule and a unique head grille design that replicatesthe original’s acoustic and mechanical sonic signatures.

A specially designed Soundelux SteadyState® fixed-bias-typetube amplifier (similar to the original) is used but has lower noiseand distortion. The output transformer provides a correct impedancematch to any mic preamp input and, compared to transformerless designs,has lower intermodulation distortion and significantly improvedfrequency linearity in the low and middle frequencies.

The E49 has a unique double-shock-mounting system that includes acapsule-to-electronics shock assembly and a separate capsule andelectronics package shock-mount. The included universal outboard powersupply has a continuous variable polar pattern control that adjustsfrom figure-8 to cardioid and then to full omnidirectional. The E49microphone comes in a wooden storage box and a stand adapter; anoptional shock-mount mic holder will be available soon.

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