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SSL for Historic NZ Studio

Dunedin, New Zealand (September 24, 2010)--New Zealand's University of Otago has installed a 64-fader SSL C200 HD digital production console with two remote Stage Boxes.

Stephen Stedman and Louise Kewene,
engineers/music technicians,
Department of Music, University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand (September 24, 2010)–New Zealand’s University of Otago has installed a 64-fader SSL C200 HD digital production console with two remote Stage Boxes.

Built in 1968 by the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, The Albany Street Studio was a classic BBC No. 2 studio acoustic design intended for recording a full orchestra. The introduction of the C200 brings advanced recording capabilities to the room, giving University of Otago students a real-world educational opportunity. The C200 HD is used with Alpha Link, Delta Link and an X-Rack with two G Series and two VHD mic preamps.

“After extensive research into available consoles, the C200 was selected because of its high level features, SSL’s excellent reputation for building quality products and the level of support SSL provides – a must for an installation in New Zealand,” says Stephen Stedman, music technician, Department of Music, University of Otago. “The C200 is used in our Music Performance programs covering undergraduate recorded performance assessments, postgraduate diploma recorded performance (album production) projects, Masters and Doctorate composition/recorded performance projects (album production) and academic staff projects for performance based research and commercial use.”

The C200 services recording in the 1,100-sq.-ft. main studio. Capture is through both Pro Tools and Logic Pro DAW systems. Eight- and 16-track tape is also used for transcribing important recordings for remix/re-release.

“The C200 provides us with a traditional analog-like work surface,” explains Stedman. “It moves us away from clicking inside the box to working on a control surface that is familiar and provides excellent productivity. Students recording on the C200 are getting a high-end studio experience which prepares them for a future in the music industry.”

The main studio is augmented by two smaller studio suites, Studios One and Two, which allows projects to be completed using any combination of studio spaces. SSL Stage Boxes can be located in a variety of rooms where, for example, drums could be set up in a smaller room instead of the main studio.

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