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SSL Releases XL 9000 K Series Console

Solid State Logic (Oxford, England)has introduced the first analog console to provide the dual benefits of a full 5.1 surround architecture and the increased

Solid State Logic (Oxford, England)has introduced the first analog console to provide the dual benefits of a full 5.1 surround architecture and the increased bandwidth and resolution needed for DVD-Audio and SACD. The XL 9000 K Series provides both audio quality and comprehensive multichannel surround capabilities in SSL’s first new analog console since the introduction of the J Series in 1994.

Key features of the XL include: ultra-high-quality signal path optimized for the higher sampling frequencies available with DVD-A and SCAD; full 5.1 mix bus, master fader, mix compressor, monitoring and metering; 6-channel monitor insert, plus support for three external 6-channel sources; integral LFE filtering for Dolby and DTS encoding; UltiPan automated surround panning; L/C/R panning on every channel; L/C/R focus control and surround routing on echo return; full, simultaneous fader access to all mix buses; 5.1 stereo downmix function; K Series automation computer with online Mix Compare feature; advanced photorealistic Total Recall; and remote SuperAnalogue mic amps (option).

The XL console offers excellent audio performance to meet the advanced, higher sampling frequency formats that consumers will soon be experiencing with DVD-A and SACD with an audio bandwidth that extends nearly two octaves beyond a 96kHz recorder.

Additionally, the XL provides advanced surround efficiency within the analog domain. A full 5.1 mix bus, master fader and mix compressor, combined with L/C/R panning add to the state-of-the-art specification, while the console also provides full, simultaneous fader access to all mix buses. The K Series monitor insert point and the three external sources have all been expanded to six channels for maximum flexibility. For moving projects into stereo, a stereo downmix output allows stereo mixes to be quickly generated from a 5.1 mix. The XL’s UltiPan system ensures that dynamic, multipoint surround panning is simple and intuitive.

The K Series automation computer provides high-speed control of all automated functions. Complex mixes can be handled with speed, while loading and saving projects are also much faster. New and enhanced features include a screen display of individual machine transport position, which allows multiple machines to be offset quickly and accurately, and Online Mix Compare, which provides on-demand auditioning of up to six different mix passes without playback interruption.

To maximize the benefit of ultra-high-resolution graphics, the K Series Computer has a new multi-angle, high-resolution TFT screen within the console’s center section. An additional X-VGA input allows switchable display of editor/workstation output.

In addition to the XL’s o-board microphone amplifiers, the console can be optionally fitted with remote mic amps, controlled directly from the XL channel module. The remote-powered DC mic amps are designed to be located as close to the original signal source as possible, ensuring the best signal-input quality. Control is fully integrated within the existing console architecture, and supported by the K Series advanced photo-realistic Total Recall system.

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