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Music Production

Telefunken Launches 3D Sound and Vision Project

Telefunken Elektroakustik has teamed with Power Station New England to create an immersive 3D audio listening experience.

South Windsor, CT (June 5, 2018)—Telefunken Elektroakustik has launched a new 3D immersive sound and video experience in collaboration with Power Station New England and the band Ripe that enables viewers to target specific microphones and solo specific sounds in a recorded performance.

The band’s performance was recorded through the Power Station NE’s Neve 8068 console with a full range of Telefunken microphones. In addition, the performance space was photographed using high-definition 3D cameras. The exact microphone and instrument locations can be viewed through the immersive and interactive presentation.

See the 3D studio session here:

By clicking on the microphone models located within the 3D immersive studio picture, the viewer can hear the source instrument or voice isolated from the mix. Viewers will also find recording information, specifications and additional details about the microphones and direct boxes used during the sessions.

Alan Venitosh, Telefunken director of operations and project producer, explains, “Our company has a rich history of innovation in the recording world and this 3D studio experience is a new concept we’d like to share with the audio community.”

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“Power Station New England was one of the first professional recording studios I worked at as an intern in the late 1990s,” recalls Telefunken founder and CEO Toni Fishman, who also served as executive producer for the 3D project. “I had the opportunity to work under producer Greg Ladanyi and it was my first real exposure to classic recording microphones like the ELA M 251 and U47, as well as the large format Neve console. Power Station NE holds special memories for me and it’s an honor to be back in this same location where I first witnessed the beauty of great recording.”

“Our studio loves working with Telefunken,” says Power Station NE chief engineer Evan Bakke. “We use their microphones on a daily basis and call on the company exclusively to maintain and repair our vintage tube mics. Alan and Toni are the best at what they do.”

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Mike Demateo, who helmed the 3D video production, remarks, “Toni and Alan immediately understood the vision I had for using Matterport 3D technology as a unique sonic educational and demonstration tool. It’s great to be working on the ground floor of progressive technology with these guys.”

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