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Track Sheet, April 2009

Read Mix Report on New Recording Sessions Across the United States

Victor Johansen of CFYE Productions records acoustic music in his new studio in Phoenix.

Van Morrison performed his entire Astral Weeks album front to back at the Hollywood Bowl in November of last year, and the show was captured for its recent CD/DVD release by engineers Mick Glossop and Alastair McMillan in Guy Charbonneau‘s Le Mobile remote production facility. Shows were recorded to both Le Mobile’s Apogee-equipped Pro Tools HD system and a RADAR system. For a review of the finished project, visit…Elsewhere in the Midwest, Chicago’s A Modern Love Story tracked songs for their new release at Renwood Messenger Recording Studios (Kenosha, Wisc.) with Nick Radovonovic engineering and producing. Drum tracking started on the Neve console in Studio A; overdubs and mixing were done in the C room…Acoustic musician Victor Johansen opened a project studio, CFYE Productions, in his home town of Phoenix, Ariz. Johansen, who has been collecting gear for a decade, equipped his studio with two Mac Power PCs with G4 processors, a Mackie 24-8-2 mixing board, and an assortment of mics and outboard. He runs Reason 4, UA’s UAD-1 card/plug-ins and M-Audio iControl.

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