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UK Composer Upgrades Converters

Composer Rafael Krux has added a Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 to his studio in South London.

Composer Rafael Krux
Composer Rafael Krux.

Cambridge, UK (April 23, 2024)—Composer Rafael Krux has added a Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 modular conversion system to his music production studio in South London.

Since 2016, Krux has headed up Dual Horns Studio Ltd, which he established prior moving to the UK from Croatia so that he could be nearer to his client base. His music has been used for numerous projects and brands, including America’s Next Top Model, Mercedes-Benz AMG, World of Tanks, Vice, MIT, BMW, MARS Inc., Samsung, Swarovski, Huawei, United Nations, and more. He also has a boutique sample shop, Krux Audio, that produces samples and tools to help producers worldwide.

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With the Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 installed in his studio, he says he began listening to some of the tracks he had created with his previous converter and was surprised at the difference in sound quality. “I couldn’t believe how everything I’d recorded sounded so muddy. It hadn’t appeared that way at the time, but when I put my music through the Prism Sound unit, it really was noticeable. With the ADA-128, I have a much bigger stage to work with…. I can hear everything clearly — it’s amazing. I did a test run with the mics and preamps that I usually use, and everything sounded so clean and organic. It was a much higher level of converter than I had been used to and I was just blown away.”

Krux is currently working on projects for Orchestralis, a music production brand he and his wife run, plus a few high-profile NDA projects, and creating more samples for Krux Audio. “My main goal is to inspire and motivate music producers and composers in the creation of new and exciting music,” he says.