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Undercurrent Goes 3D with Nuage

Independent film/music composer, 3D sound designer, producer and media-tech entrepreneur John Penn recently purchased a Yamaha Nuage DAW system for his Undercurrent Labs facility.

Buena Park, CA (October 21, 2014)—Independent film/music composer, 3D sound designer, producer and media-tech entrepreneur John Penn recently purchased a Yamaha Nuage DAW system for his Undercurrent Labs facility.

Penn initially got Nuage to work in his surround mix room when he served as supervising sound mixer for Hollywood veteran actor and director Tommy Ford’s new film, Switching Lanes. He is currently working on several projects including music scoring, sound design and technical consulting for his daughter Maya Penn’s animation. Part of the Atlanta tech community, Undercurrent Labs is focused on virtual and augmented reality, and content development for web and mobile applications for the MedTech and streaming video markets.

“Nuendo’s ADR mode enables me to accomplish more in vocal and Foley sessions by allowing multiple takes in one batch for scenes, providing more freedom for greater spontaneity in performance by the artist and guidelines from the director or producer, says Penn. “I’m currently test-driving Yamaha’s Rio 32-channel I/O box to remotely control the head amplifiers from either the Nuage master and fader control surfaces, by-passing my analog patch bay and cable snakes.”

“Touch is everything to me when I’m in a creative vibe, a real break from flat glass. I love the natural texture of the hand rest, stainless steel jog wheel and the frame accurate precision it provides as I nudge video or audio tracks.

“Designing in 3D space in real-time on a Sci-Fi Q-Bik Muz soundtrack, PsychoPlasmic, was nearly impossible without JL Cooper’s surround panner, enabling three axes of control and automation manipulating audio objects around nine monitors. The integration of Nuage to manage 3D audio for real-time 3D motion graphics for live video production, animation, and content branding, using virtual sets, and augmented reality, brings a level of creative collaboration to Georgia usually exclusive to L.A. and U.K. studios,” adds Penn.

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