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JSS Creates a Studio Fit for a King

J Sound Services designed and installed a new private studio for The Commodores’ William King.

Nashville, TN (March 11, 2019)—William King, a founding member of funk/soul super group the Commodores, recently installed a Yamaha Steinberg Nuage advanced production DAW system in his Nashville studio, where it will primarily be used for songwriting, recording jingles and soundtrack work.

J Sound Services (JSS) completed the design and installation for King’s private studio. The system consists of a Nuage Master and Nuage Fader along with a compact Nuage workspace. “Mr. King wanted the flexibility of digital with the hands-on controls of an analog console like he had used for many years making records with the Commodores in Motown,” states Jason Spence, president of JSS. “As a longtime Cubase user, the Nuage system was the perfect choice for the project.”

Processing for the studio is done via a new 2018 Apple Mac Mini with a 3.2 GHz Intel i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD running Cubase Pro 10. The Mac Mini is housed in a Sonnet Technologies xMac mini Server, a rack-mountable enclosure that expands the I/O capabilities of the Mac Mini.

Nexo and Yamaha on the March

“We selected the Dante protocol by Audinate to use for the audio network, not only for its integration with the Nuage system, but for its stellar audio quality and low latency,” says Spence. A Yamaha AIC128-D Dante card is installed in the PCIe slot of the xMac mini server to handle I/O from the computer.

Inputs are handled by two Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8s along with a Dante-equipped 8-channel class-A microphone preamp with mastering-grade 24-bit 192 kHz converters, for a total of 16 inputs. Outputs are handled by a Yamaha Ro8-D 8-channel Dante output interface that is used to feed King’s Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors and the headphone amplifier on the Nuage Master.

Also on the Dante network are two Focusrite RedNet AM2 headphone amplifiers for cue mixes. All analog inputs and cue mix outputs are wired to a custom panel for ease of patching.

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In addition, RNDI direct boxes from Rupert Neve Designs were also incorporated: an RNDI-S stereo DI for Mr. King’s Korg Triton workstation and RNDI mono DIs for guitar, bass and other instruments. “The RMP-D8 brings the beloved transformer sound Rupert Neve Designs is known for to a compact 2-rack space unit with Dante and AES outputs,” adds Spence.

The gear is housed in a desk custom-made by Sound Construction & Supply in Nashville, based on the designs JSS developed for the space.

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