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Yamaha SPX2000 Studio Manager Software

Yamaha released Studio Manager software for the recently introduced Yamaha SPX2000 multi-effect processor. Available for free at,

Yamaha released Studio Manager software for the recently introducedYamaha SPX2000 multi-effect processor. Available for free at, Studio Manager providesediting, data management and remote-control capability for the SPX2000directly from a computer. All functions are replicated onscreen inlogical, easy-to-understand pages, and use the same interface found inStudio Manager for Yamaha’s digital mixing consoles.

“Computer-based control, editing and data management have becomecommon and accepted features for audio products,” said Wayne Hrabak,marketing manager at Yamaha Professional Audio. “With the growing useof computers in the home-based studio and even the smaller-scale liveproduction markets, it made sense to include those capabilities for theSPX2000.”

The Yamaha SPX2000 offers 96kHz audio DSP, the advanced REV-X reverbalgorithm and a whole new generation of Yamaha reverb programs. The24-bit 128x over-sampling AD/DA converters deliver 106dB dynamic rangeand flat response (20 Hz to 40 kHz at 96kHz sampling rate).

Three memory banks include Preset, Classic and User. The preset bankcontains 97 programs (17 of which are based on the REV-X reverbalgorithm), including REV-X Hall, REV-X ROOM and REV-X PLATE (shown).New parameters include Room Size and Decay, producing higher definitionand finer nuances. The remaining presets include refinements oftrademark SPX programs: gate reverbs, delays, pitch, modulation andother special effects. The Classic bank includes 25 programsreminiscent of the original SPX90 presets, and the User bank can storeup to 99 user programs.

The rugged aluminum front panel features two sets of “cross-keys”navigation buttons. Parameters are sorted into three groups: Parameter,Fine Param and Utility. Other dedicated buttons include Undo, Compare,Bank, Mode, Meter, Tap and Bypass.

An Operation Lock function offers three levels of security,preventing Utility settings from being changed, protecting storedmemories or even prohibiting operational choices altogether.

The SPX2000 LCD offers five backlight color variations, which can beassigned to user programs. Preset programs are colored by effect type,giving the user instant recognition: cyan (reverbs), White (delays),magenta (pitch/modulations), yellow (others), and green (Classic Bank);red is reserved for warning messages.

Rear panel connections include XLR-type and 1/4-inch I/O analogconnectors with cut/boost switches, AES/EBU XLR-type I/O digitalconnectors, BNC word clock IN, MIDI In/Out/Thru, and USB and To-Hostconnectors for use with remote control, computer, digital consoles orMIDI devices. A foot switch connector for effect tempo control islocated on the front panel.

The SPX2000 is currently available. For more information, visit For more new productannouncements, visit