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Yamaha VST Plug-Ins

Yamaha released Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins for specific audio applications. Three plug-in modules are currently available and are compatible

Yamaha released Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins forspecific audio applications. Three plug-in modules are currentlyavailable and are compatible for Windows (XP/2000/ME/98/98SE) and Mac(OS 9.x/X) formats.

“There has been explosive growth in the areas of hard disk recordingsystems and computer-based audio editors,” commented Mike Martin,marketing manager at Yamaha Digital Musical Instruments. “Theseplug-ins allow users of those technologies to use Yamaha’s digitalprocessing technology to make precise adjustments, add sweetening orsimply enhance their audio.”

Pitch Fix (pictured), the first implementation of Yamaha’sproprietary formant pitch-correction and pitch-shifting technology,will operate with any VST/AudioUnits-compatible software. Thispitch-correction utility uses formant shifting to preserve the qualityof the original signal without creating artifacts or distortion. PitchFix also features user scales, custom pitch-detecting algorithms,pitch-correct rate control and formant shifting.

Vocal Rack, a VST/AU plug-in, includes 20 presets using severalvaluable processing tools specifically designed for vocal processing,including a highpass filter, compressor, harmonic enhancer, 3-band EQ,de-esser, gate and delay.

Final Master is a VST/AU plug-in based on Yamaha’s compressionalgorithms and delivers the tools needed for audio mastering. Featuresinclude a multiband compressor/limiter with adjustable frequencycontrol, three soft-clipping models and pre-seek look-aheadtechnology.

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