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Inside The Sound of ‘The Guilty’

‘The Guilty’ is a powerful hit for Netflix. In this exclusive panel from the Mix Sound for Film & Television event, the film's sound team shares how it used audio to stoke director Antoine Fuqua’s tense thriller.

Presented by Netflix.

Director Antoine Fuqua has returned with The Guilty, a tense thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal where the soundtrack plays an especially important role in driving the minute-by-minute action surrounding a 911 call. Spoiler alert: All is not as it seems.

the guilty

The film, a remake of the Danish flick Den Skyldige, was shot in 11 days, and became an instant worldwide hit for Netflix when released in September, watched by 69 million households in in its first 28 days on the streamer.

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Moderator: Jennifer Walden, Journalist


Mandell Winter, MPSE, Supervising Sound Editor

David Esparza, Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

Steve Pederson, Re-Recording Mixer

Ed Novick, Production Sound Mixer.