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AES 134th Convention in Rome Offers Loudness Track

The 134th AES Convention, which will be held May 4 through May 7, 2013, in Rome at the Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre, has designated Sunday, May 5, as “Loudness Day.” Assembled by Florian Camerer, Chair of the EBU Loudness Group (PLOUD), Papers and Panels will explore the latest research and practices and address recommendations.

134th AES Convention Chairman Umberto Zanghieri says that the Loudness Track represents “a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the many complex issues related to this enduring problem.”

“We are extremely proud of this historic Loudness Track,” states AES Executive Director Bob Moses. “We hope it will produce meaningful dialogs on correcting this ongoing problem. We also recommend that attendees refer to the Preliminary Events Calendar to confirm times and locations for all these events.”

On Saturday, May 4, Pedro Pestana will present a Paper entitled “Loudness Measurement of Multitrack Audio Content Using Modifications of ITU-R BS.1770,” which he co-wrote with Josh Reiss and Alvaro Barbosa. This paper is a primer on recent ITU and EBU loudness measurement recommendations, and received the Convention’s Best Peer-Reviewed Paper Award.

Other Loudness Papers to be presented on Saturday include “The Relation Between Preferred TV Program Loudness, Screen Size and Display Format” and “A Framework for Adaptive Real-Time Loudness Control.”

Florian Camerer, Chair of the EBU Loudness Group, PLOUD

On Sunday, May 5, Camerer will present “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Audio Nirvana,” which will address key aspects of loudness control and metering. Andrew Mason of BBC Research and Development in London will present “All Loudness Recommendations Are Equal—But Some Are More Equal than Others,” an explanation of the different loudness standards used in Europe (R 128), the US (A/85), and such other countries as Australia and Japan. Other presentations will include “Loudness for Commercials,” “The Loudness Race Reaches the Cinema,” loudness in audio production (a panel chaired by Thomas Lund of TC Electronic), “Loudness Work in Live Sports,” and “Loudness In Radio: The Next Step.”

For more information, visit the AES Rome 2013 Loudness Track Events page and consult the AES Rome 2013 Preliminary Calendar of Events.

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