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Airshow Mastering Selected Equipment List

Boulder Studio A

Workstations: SonicStudioHD with full NoNoise; Sony Sonoma w/Sony SBM-direct DSD>PCM converter; SACD authoring
Monitoring: Dunlavy SC-V loudspeakers (FL and FR); Ayre Acoustic amplification; and surround monitoring via Dunlavy SC-IV (C, LS, RS) and a Paradigm subwoofer.
Analog Signal Chain: ATR 104 _-inch/1-inch recorder (restored & modified by ATR Service Corp), (1-inch, 2-track-ready), Prismsound MEA-2 mastering equalizer, Manley Variable-Mu mastering compressor/limiter, Maselec MPL-2 peak/high freqency limiter/de-esser, EMT PDM-156 mastering compressor/limiter, API 2500 compressor/limiter, Maselec MTC-6 analog transfer and mastering console.
Digital Signal Chain: Weiss EQ1 Mk2 digital equalizer, Weiss DS1 Mk2 digital compressor/limiter, Waves L2 digital limiter, Weiss SFC-2 sample rate converter, Z-Sys 32×32 digital routing and distribution system.
Converters: Pacific Microsonics HDCD Model 2 A/D and D/A (24 bit, 192 kHz), Prism Sound 8 channel DSD/PCM converters.

Springfield Studio

Workstations: Sonic Solutions HDSP w/ full NoNoise, Sonic Solutions USP w/ all options and full NoNoise.
Monitoring: Meyer HD-1 system w/ Velodyne subwoofer
Analog Signal Chain: Sony APR-5003 (1/2-inch) recorder w/ Dolby A/SR, Studer A-820 _-inch and _-inch recorder w/ Dolby A/SR, Custom API Legacy mastering console, Manley Variable-Mu mastering compressor/limiter, Sontec mastering equalizer
Digital Signal Chain: Weiss EQ-1 MKII double sampling digital, Weiss DS-1 MKII dynamics processor, Lexicon PCM-90, TC-2000, dB Technologies digital format converter/upsampler, Waves L2 digital limiter, Z-Sys Z-3 SRC sample rate converter
Converters: Apogee AD-8000 (24-bit, 8-channel), Pacific Microsonics HDCD Model 1 A/D and D/A (24-bit, 88.2kHz)

Compiled by Barbara Schultz