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Computer Software & Peripherals


The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is the ultimate in-the-box multiconsole mixing plug-in, offering near-zero latency, 48-bit double-precision processing. Features selectable palettes of input stage tape, tube and transformer colorations; several console EQs per band; and fully adjustable 1975 Classic Channel Compressor with quick preset starting points. Signal flow display indicates compressor path and status, LP/HP filters and EQ sections.

ABLETON LIVE 6: Live 6 offers QuickTime video support, a professional multisample library and customizable racks of instruments and effects. Live 6 also delivers multicore support, enhanced project management tools and improved MIDI control.

BIAS PEAK PRO 5 XT: BIAS Peak Pro XT 5 includes Peak Pro 5 (stereo audio editing, processing and mastering app for the Mac), SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro restoration plug-ins, and the new Master Perfection Suite. Peak Pro 5 XT handles everything from serious sound design for film, video or multimedia, to rapid-fire broadcast editing, to music production and mastering. AES booth #134.

CAKEWALK SONAR 6 PRODUCER EDITION: SONAR 6 Producer Edition takes you from inspiration to masterpiece faster than before. Change the way you work with instruments with SONAR 6’s innovative new Active Controller Technology™ (ACT). Tighten up your entire band with the new AudioSnap™ feature set. And sound better with the new VC-64 Vintage Channel™ and SONAR’s 64-bit double-precision mix engine. AES booth #1426.

CENTRANCE IDEAL DRIVER: The Ideal Driver for FireWire audio interfaces features one-third of the latency and higher stability than drivers that typically ship with interfaces. The $39.95 Windows software is compatible with ASIO-2, GSIF-2 and MIDI applications, and supports audio at 16- or 24-bit and 44.1 through 192 kHz. It is compatible with most audio hardware, including Alesis, Apogee, Behringer, Focusrite, Mackie, M-Audio, PreSonus and Tascam; new support is added regularly. AES booth #1412.

JLCOOPER MCS-3800 MAC OS X SOFTWARE: JlCooper releases Universal Binary versions of USB and Ethernet software for its MCS-3000 Series. Combined with either the USB Interface card or Ethernet card, you can control Mac OS X native A/V programs. Support for Final Cut Pro, Logic, Pro Tools, DP and custom keyset editor for other apps.

MAGIX SAMPLITUDE 9: Samplitude 9 is setting new standards and was released in August 2006. AES booth: #1615.

MAGIX SEQUOIA 9: The high-definition digital recording/editing/mixing software for the PC, Sequoia 9 is setting new standards. Stop by our booth or visit our Website and preview the new version. AES booth: #1615.

ExpressCard-to-PCI expansion chassis provides a simple solution for adding PCI cards to laptop computers through the ExpressCard slot on the new Apple MacBook Pro and many PC laptops. Practically any type of PCI card can be used in the Magma expansion chassis, ranging from audio processing, video capture, test and measurement, SCSI, SATA and more.

Our PCI expansion products provide an easy solution for adding PCI cards to PCI Express–based computers, such as the Apple Mac Pro and G5 (PCIe). Magma can be upgraded to PCI Express. Purchase the Magma x1 PCI Express host card (Model PEHIFX1) for $299. This upgrade provides an easy migration path to new computers without replacing your valuable PCI hardware.

MINNETONKA SURCODE FOR DOLBY PRO LOGIC II: Audio professional everywhere can now encode 5.1 surround mixes into stereo sound files within Pro Tools. Surround ambiences, sound effects and music stems can be pre-encoded for delivery within stereo cues, and the resulting mix is stereo-compatible. Up to six channels are encoded into an Lt/Rt file. Encoded media is backward-compatible with Dolby Pro Logic receivers and decoders in use worldwide. AES booth #1540.

MOTU DIGITAL PERFORMER 5.1: Digital Performer lets you record, edit, arrange, mix, process and master MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously to produce musical recordings, soundtracks for film and television, and other audio production tasks. Version 5 adds track folders, the unique Meter Bridge™, new editing tools, QuickTime streamers and punches, and six new instrument plug-ins, including the analog-style BassLine™ bass synth, highly programmable two-oscillator Modulo™, Model 12™ 12-part drum module and imaginative and powerful Proton™ FM synth.

NEXT GENERATION SOFTWARE NGWAVE V. 3.4: This fast, low-cost audio editor for Windows features support for WAV and MP3 files, full 24-bit/192 support, MIDI hardware control, integrated metronome, built-in audio mixer and more.

SIA SOFTWARE SMAARTLIVE V. 6: This significant update includes a host of new features and a reworked architecture that allows it to run native under Mac OS X and Windows from the same unified source code. In addition to its improved cross-platform functionality, V. 6 features a streamlined user interface and an advanced feature set. The improved environment enables users to dive deeper into the power of the software while preserving its renowned usability. AES booth #518.

SONIC STUDIO SOUNDBLADE: This host-based app for Mac OS delivers exceptional value for complete stereo production. Features Audio Units and VST plug-in support, unique four-point editing with EFM, instant PQ creation, delivery of background CD “refs” and DDP file sets, and optional restoration tools including NoNOISE. AES booth #1349.

STEINBERG MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES CUBASE 4: Cubase 4 is the next generation of Steinberg’s legendary line of digital audio workstations. New technologies include VST3 and ASIO 3, new synth engines, a streamlined GUI, Yamaha hardware integration, and MediaBase content management and control room routing. Features include 34 new 64-bit plug-ins, new VST instruments with SoundFrame sound management, instrument tracks, track presets, configurable channel strip, mixer enhancements, notation enhancements, advanced real-time transpose and drag-and-drop inserts. AES booth #926.

STUDIO NETWORK SOLUTIONS POSTMAP: Indexing, enhanced metadata, workflow. Whether it’s on your SAN, file server, a pile of FireWire drives or a stack of DVDs, locate the file you need instantly. Postmap™ includes a suite of customizable features that can address the needs of any creative workgroup—large or small, local or remote, Mac or PC. AES booth #447.

SYNCHRO ARTS VOCALIGN PRO V. 4: Automatic audio alignment software (Audio Suite plug-in) is now available for Intel-based Macs. Demos and software updates that support Apple’s new Intel-based iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini computers are available from our Website. AES booth #826.

SYNCHRO ARTS VOCALIGN PROJECT: Automatic audio alignment software, VocALign Project for Pro Tools (Audio Suite) and VocALign Project (stand-alone) are now available for Intel-based Macs. Demos and software updates that support Apple’s new Intel-based iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini computers are available from our Website. AES booth #826.

THE SOUND GUY SFX MACHINE PRO 1.01: SFX Machine Pro lets you create your own audio effects from scratch. SFX Machine Pro comes with more than 300 effects and a preset editor that provides access to the underlying modular synthesis engine. The plug-in provides host tempo sync, and includes an output limiter, automated parameter control and a Randomize button.

VIRTUAL KATY VK 2.2: VK2 is the ultimate auto-conform and change management tool. VK2 allows users to analyze all major formats, preview changes, trace historical elements, rebalance movies and process up to 2,500 picture edits in less than a second. Packaged with all of the slick features Virtual Katy has to offer, Pro Tools users can use VK2’s powerful management features for $995. AES booth #1515.

VIRTUAL KATY VK CONFORMER: Designed for conforming and non-destructively recompiling Pro Tools sessions, VK Conformer is cut from the original Virtual Katy software that was put to the test on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Import an Avid change note or a CMX 3600 EDL, and conform your session to match the picture cut. Easy to use and fast. Price: $395 USD. AES booth #1515.

XO AUDIO XO WAVE: XO Wave not only brings RedBook CD mastering to Mac OS X, but also offers multitrack recording, editing and mixing; real-time effects (both built-in effects and Audio Units); real-time crossfades; 64-bit computation; effects automation; video sync; QuickTime export; support for ISRC, UPC and CD Text; and more. Price: XO Wave Open (Linux), free; XO Wave Free (Mac OS X), free; and XO Wave Pro (Mac OS X), $85.