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Dolby Unveils Dolby Lake Processor

Dolby Laboratories’ Dolby Lake Processor is the first product combining Dolby Laboratories’ and Lake Technology’s audio technology. The Dolby Lake Processor is a digital signal processing hardware and software system providing advanced loudspeaker management and equalization functionality. The new processor is the first live sound product released by Dolby, which acquired Lake Technology in September 2003.

The processor provides better control and flexibility of complex speaker systems throughout setup and during the event. Additionally, the Dolby Lake Controller software provides centralized control for a network of these hardware processors. The system includes an easy-to-use interface for real-time management, an advanced loudspeaker processing system and unique Iso-Float ground isolation technology.

The Dolby Lake Processor includes a patent-pending Portal display that allows for front panel metering and easy control and monitoring of the system. The panel of the processor contains four Portals, each capable of representing multiple audio channels of level and limiter metering, along with text labels and mute controls. Additionally, the system includes the Dolby Lake Controller, a software application that enables engineers to optimize the audio from any seat in the house at any point in the show with a wireless tablet computer.

Starting from the base digital platform, engineers can configure the Dolby Lake Processor to provide up to eight independent channels of Lake Mesa EQ, or up to 4×12 channels of Lake loudspeaker processing. There are five factory configurations available, and any configuration can be upgraded or reconfigured to fit specific requirements.

The system also provides user-configurable signal processing that allows for both loudspeaker processing and EQ processing within the same processor. An end-user can quickly change between loudspeaker processor and EQ modes, and can also run loudspeaker and EQ processing at the same time. The LimiterMax system is a new limiter technology that couples a true RMS limiter and a peak limiter capable of instantaneous attack time. The system produces a limiter that does not allow a loudspeaker amplifier to clip, even when all outputs and inputs are clipping under heavy signal saturation conditions. Iso-Float provides all of the benefits of transformer-isolated inputs and outputs for avoiding ground loops in audio systems. Iso-Float is built into all new converter cards.

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