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E Labs Remote Productions Installs SSL AWS900+

Pictured at the AWS 900+ are (from left) E Labs principal Jack LeTourneau and assistant engineer Perry Blanchard.

E Labs Remote Productions, a subsidiary of recording studio E Labs Multimedia, is the first recording truck equipped with a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analogue Workstation System at the helm. E Labs Remote Productions is based in Madison, Wis. and serves the Midwest region, including Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Also on board is an SSL XLogic X-Rack modular rack system with eight Mic Amp modules, adding additional channels of SSL SuperAnalogue processing.

“I realized that there’s going to be great demand for content for mobile communications such as telephones and podcasts,” says E Labs Multimedia chief engineer Jack LeTourneau. “Also, the recording and broadcast industries are going high-definition; somebody’s got to capture that high-def content. We wanted to move into the next millennium, so to speak, and designed a truck that I can take on location to do concert support. The truck can also do film support, video support—basically anything. Wind, rain or snow, we’ll record your show!”

E Labs Remote Productions is based around a digital audio workstation, LeTourneau explains. “But I needed preamps or a mixing board. We researched different companies, and my friend Dan Scalpone at GC Pro told me about the AWS 900+. I wanted a board small enough to fit in a truck that also sounded good. SSL really has a great reputation, and I’ve always been a big supporter of the British sound and the craftsmanship of that equipment.

“We’re trying to be on top of the high-definition and 5.1 market, able to pull up anywhere and track for people,” LeTourneau concludes. “Everything is just starting now, and we’re ahead of the game. The AWS 900+’s sound is excellent—I’ve used it to record several shows and it’s working out great.”

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