EastWest to Distribute Three New Best Service Titles


EastWest, exclusive U.S. distributor of Best Service products, is introducing three new Best Service collections: Hardstyle Samples Vol. 2, Blazin' RnB & HipHop Collection Vol. 2 and Synthation Producer’s Collection (produced by Synthation).

Hardstyle Samples Vol. 2 is the sequel to the Blutonium Hardstyle sample CD. The collection features multi-sampled synths, as well as more than 500 vocals in three different styles. Hardstyle Samples Vol. 2 offers bass drum samples categorized six unique genres: hard-style, hardcore, gated bass drums, FX kick, jump-style and old school. The more than 140 new drum loops are sorted into hi-hats, tribal, break beat, clap, snare and ride. The DVD also offers explosions, sweep effects and a variety of experimental sounds. The Hardstyle Samples Vol. 2 DVD includes special stab-hit attack sounds and provides users with the entire Blutonium Hardstyle Samples Vol.1 sounds. Samples are available in DVD WAV, ACID, Rex2 and ReFill formats.

The Blazin’ RnB & HipHop Collection Vol. 2 offers 30 new construction kits and more than 6 GB of urban samples, including the RnB & HipHop Collection Vol. 1. It has hip hop drums, snares, claps, keys, FX sounds, guitars, DJ scratches and various percussion sounds. Blazin’ RnB & HipHop is available in DVD WAV, ACID, Rex2, HALion, NN-XT and SoundFont construction-kit formats.

Synthation Producer’s Collection provides sounds for club-music productions, featuring more than 300 drum loops, all precisely pitched to the same tempo, and sound FX. It also includes a reference CD for producers of trance, tech-trance and harder electronic styles. It offers pre-mapped kits for Native Instruments Battery Versions 2 and 3, and for Apple's EXS24 software sampler.

For more information, visit www.soundsonline.com.