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Group One Centralizes Blue Sky Inventory Into Las Vegas Warehouse

Group One Ltd. in Farmingdale, N.Y., announces that it has centralized its Blue Sky professional monitoring systems’ product inventory, parts and customer service functions into a new Las Vegas location. Combining efforts with Tony Marra of Thermal Relief Design Inc., Group One president Jack Kelly made the move to consolidate its Blue Sky line with Marra’s outfit, which also handles the Group One-distributed MC2 amplifier service for the U.S.

“We were using a third-party warehouse in Torrance, Calif., for many years to house our Blue Sky inventory and to process orders,” Kelly explains. “We had some issues with their ability to respond on occasion in the timeframe that our industry demands. I happened to see Tony Marra of Thermal Relief at InfoComm, and we got to talking about his capacity in the Vegas warehouse. I’ve known Tony for years—we used to work together at Klark Teknik in the ’80s—and he handles our MC2 amplifier repairs in the U.S., and the tumblers started to click. Long story short, we moved our inventory up to Las Vegas in a shared facility with Tony’s company, and are in the process of moving our parts and service out there, as well. I believe this move will not only improve our current customer service, but will also pave the way for our growth in the future.”

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