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Heading North Mastering Completes Redesign, Welcomes New Engineer

Heading North Mastering in Toronto, Ontario, has recently completed a redesign of its mastering suite with an expansion that doubled the size of the previous control room.

Heading North Mastering is a home-based mastering suite that caters primarily to independent music clients. The remodeling process began in the summer of 2009 and was recently completed. The new control room was designed by studio owner and engineer Ron Skinner and Technature Inc’s Matt Schaefer.

The redesign was brought on by a need for more space in the control room. “The desire for more equipment is never ending and I was feeling a bit cramped in the old space. Now there is room for future growth and the clients feel more comfortable with the expanded listening area,” explains Skinner.

Skinner states that Technature was crucial to the success of its new studio design, bringing in valuable experience and interesting product choices. An example of this was the use of an acoustic panel called “Cel” for the studio’s ceiling. “I would have never known about this product,” Skinner says. “And in the end it was the perfect choice for the ceiling just above the mix position. It is cosmetically appealing as well as functional.”

Heading North Mastering owner Ron Skinner (left) and engineer Nick Bonin

Heading North also announces that freelance engineer Nick Bonin has recently started working out of the studio. “It’s hard trying to grow a business when you are a one-person shop, so Nick was brought in to take on some of the overflow work at the studio,” Skinner says. “Since then, he has built a strong client base all his own.”

For more information on Heading North Mastering, visit or contact Ron Skinner at 416/778-7789 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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