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Linn Exotic Preamp Now Available

Now available, Linn’s latest preamplifier, Exotic (MSRP: $3,250 U.S.), offers high-quality audio performance from both 2- and multichannel source material. Combined with a Linn UNIDISK player, the maximum performance possible can be extracted from the latest multichannel formats including SACD and DVD-Audio. In addition, an RS232 link enables automatic preselection of the most appropriate decoding algorithm or analog channels determined by the disc type being played when used with a UNIDISK.

The Exotik preamplifier can be used with different speaker setups, providing optimum performance, supporting bass redirect, stereo sub algorithm and LoRo analog 5.1-to-stereo downmixes.

A digital variant of the product is planned for September 2004: the Exotik+DA. The Exotik+DA is an enhanced product that includes an additional digital audio module for processing of all major audio algorithms, including Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II and Music mode, AAC surround, MPEG surround, DTS surround, DTS 96/24, DTS CD, DTS EX Matrix and Discrete.

The Exotik+DA product offers onboard processing capabilities to listen to a 2-channel source product in a multichannel surround format without upgrading to a multichannel source product. A digital audio module will be available as an upgrade to enable Exotik owners to access Exotik+DA product functionality at a later date.

Both versions of the pre feature RC5 input and output sockets for direct integration with other Linn products and incorporate a proprietary user interface. Integrated KNEKT line driver and line receiver functionality allow both products to be seamlessly introduced into a new or existing KNEKT multi-user, multiroom audio distribution system.

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