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Marshall Time Modulator Returns in Plug-In Form

Intelligent Devices’ new Marshall Time Modulator plug-in

Intelligent Devices—the company co-founded by the late pro audio legend Stephen St. Croix—has announced a new series of cross-platform VST plug-ins. The series includes Slip-N-Slide (a spectral interpolator), MegaDelayMass (a 100-tap delay with additional controls for tweaking) and a software re-creation of the much-loved classic Marshall Time Modulator.

The latter (named for its inventor Stephen Marshall, aka St. Croix) began as the longest analog delay available for its time and provided a huge range of modulation control that enabled sublime and outrageous effects. For the past 35 years, there’s never been a flanger like it—until now.

Based on the second-generation Time Modulator Model 5402, the software version offers two separate delay lines (Delay A and B), in ratios of 1:2 or 1:4, each with their own volume, phase, pan and a joint feedback control—all processed with analog modeling algorithms to capture the sound and quality of the original. Once modulation is added, the delay lines can be continuously swept from minimum to maximum time over the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) rate. This is a function of the interaction between the Time Delay, Preset, Time Modulation, LFO Shape and LFO Speed parameters working together.

The Time Modulator took its magic from the unusual ways components were pushed beyond their limits and used in manners never intended, with the plug-in using modeling to capture the unique sound of the original hardware. The software takes the next step, adding appreciated touches such as presets that re-create patches from the hardware and—unlike the mono original—add three “flavors” for creating complex stereo effects.

Other upgrades include a stereo pan/width control, a mix control, additional LFO shapes (the original had two; the plug-in has six, including a custom shape that St. Croix designed) and independent phase control of the Delay A and B outputs.

The Marshall Time Modulator, Slip-N-Slide and MegaDelayMass plug-ins are priced at $149 each.

For more information and fully functional, 8-day demo versions, visit Intelligent Devices at