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Techivation AI-Loudener Plug-In Debuts

Techivation has launched AI-Loudener, a new AI-powered audio plug-in for adding loudness, harmonic excitement, and warmth.

Techivation AI-Loudener Plug-In
Techivation AI-Loudener Plug-In.

New York, NY (April 11, 2024)—Techivation has launched AI-Loudener, a new AI-powered audio plug-in intended to help users add “enhanced loudness, harmonic excitement, and a touch of warmth” to their tracks.

The plug-in uses specialized DSP algorithms to analyze audio, according to the developer. Techivation explained, “When developing the DSP algorithms for our plugins, we often encounter features or parameters that perform exceptionally well in certain situations, but not in others. Usually, features like these don’t make it into the final plug-in, as it needs to function effectively across all material. This is why we turned our attention to machine learning. If the plug-in can precisely identify what it is processing, then we can utilize even the most specialized features of our DSP algorithms. The AI series of plug-ins is designed to analyze the input using a system of convolutional neural networks and configure the enhanced version of an M-series algorithm to uniquely suit your track.”

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Accordingly, the controls for the AI-Loudener key features include a Learn button, as well as Drive Control, Output Control and Oversampling. The plug-in also features input-output level meters, a scaleable user interface, an internal On/Off switch, undo/redo options, and various Tooltips.

AI-Loudener is currently available at an introductory price of $45 US through the end of April, 2024, moving to $90 thereafter.