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Mini Review: Granelli Audio Labs G5790

SM57 Redux Allows For Easier Placement

Granelli Audio Labs G5790 mic

Granelli Audio Labs is a new company with a single product. The G5790 is the brainchild of John Grant and Tony Correlli, two Maryland based studio owner/engineers who conceived and created this second take at the venerable SM57—but with a twist. Simply put, the G5790 is an actual Shure SM57 mounted at a right angle to the XLR output. Their patent-pending design comprises a machined solid block of aluminum that is threaded into the original microphone’s body, keeping the same internal air volume and components and promising a performance that is identical to the original.

Out of the box, the G5790 is rock solid as advertised. Because there isn’t much to it other than the angle, I jumped right into a session and used it on a snare drum. Placement is a breeze and a welcome change from the sometimes-challenging methods needed to sneak the mic between toms and next to kicks and hi-hat stands. Not only that, the angle allows better on-axis placement of the capsule to the center of the drum, as it should be. The results were exactly as expected and advertised—it sounded exactly like a 57. I had equally good results when used on a guitar cabinet. I liked how I could tuck the mic in tight both on- and off-axis from the speaker and not have the XLR sticking out into the room. The visual factor is certainly in play for live use, where neat and clean is important.

Although the market is pretty narrow for this product, at this price, every studio with a bevy of 57s should have at least one of these to allow for out of the ordinary placements and drum kit use. The only item on my wish list would be a swivel version, which would make it all the more versatile.

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Kevin Becka is Mix magazine’s technical editor.