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Nellie McKay Song Clips

Watch Your Back” mp3 clip

Track Notes:

• Producer Geoff Emerick says that McKay exhibits her true virtuosity
on this track. “We miked her doing a vibe solo in stereo, and double-tracked
it,” he says. “When you hear her play that solo, at the speed she’s
playing—twice—it’s quite unbelievable. And the vibes are kind
of difficult to record. They have a lot of harmonics, so there’s a lot
of electrical meter value, but they don’t sound very loud, so you have
to craft the track around it.”

Wanna Get Married” mp3 clip

Track Notes:

• “One big experiment in breath control,” McKay says.

mp3 clip

Track Notes:

• One of McKay’s songs that incorporates unusually long
lyric lines, sung in more of a rap style, a lot of which was recorded in complete