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New Products for February 2018

New Studio and Live Sound Equipment from Placid Audio, PreSonus, Soundcraft and more

2-Channel D/A Converter, Headphone Amp

The RME ADI-2 DAC features the latest 32-bit/768kHz reference converter, RME SteadyClock technology for excellent jitter suppression, a wireless remote, and a powerful DSP processor. Also onboard are two high-performance headphone outputs, including a dedicated in-ear connection. Inputs include a coaxial SPDIF, an optical SPDIF/ADAT connection and a USB2 port, while outputs feature stereo XLR and stereo RCA, or at the TRS standard and mini-jack outputs of the headphone amp. Other features include a 5-band band parametric EQ, user-friendly bass/treble adjustment, Crossfeed playback and an innovative loudness control for the analog stereo outputs.

Upgraded Soft Synth from Rob Papen

SubBoomBass 2 ($39) from Rob Papen Soundware has an upgraded GUI designed for more comfortable control of all its fanciful features. SubBoomBass 2 features new sound colors courtesy of supplemental spectrum waveforms, with high-quality samples plus Karplus-Strong string synthesis—a method of physical modeling synthesis that loops a short waveform through a filtered delay line to simulate the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion. Other features include an X/Y screen; an all-new sequencer capable of running four patterns; and an easy-to-use Bank Manager for speedy searches of favorite patches and presets.

High-Quality Direct Injection

Fit for studio or live use, the 2-channel BAE Audio passive direct injection box (PDIS) ($200) is based upon the company’s single-channel PDI. The PDIS features a sturdy, road-ready enclosure, an OEP/Carnhill transformer, 1/4-inch inputs and low-impedance XLR outputs for each channel on one side, plus a pair of “through” outputs for each channel on the other. BAE Audio backs the PDIS with a five-year warranty.

Song Separation of Drums, Vocals and Instruments

Audionamix Xtrax Stems ($99) can separate any song into its drum, vocal and remaining music components. Features include the ability to export stems as audio files, and creation and export of a new volume and pan mix. The cloud-based software works on mono and stereo files up to 96 kHz, 32 bits.

Limited-Bandwidth Dynamic Transducer

The latest from Placid Audio brings more down-and-dirty audio to your DAW via the Carbonphene RU-80 ($285), an old-school, limited-bandwidth transducer. The frequency response says it all, reproducing any signal between 100 Hz and 10 kHz. The mic carries an output impedance of 150 ohms at 120 ±2dB SPL @ 1 kHz. The svelte copper housing sits in an integrated stand mount; the unit weighs just one pound and measures 2.25 x 3 inches.

Mixing/Mastering for Mac/PC

T-RackS 5 (starting at $149.99) features four all-new processors for a total of 38 high-quality modules, including a new completely redesigned, resizable interface in a flexible 16-processor series/parallel chain. Other features include the Dyna-Mu vari-mu compressor/limiter, the Master Match module that automatically matches the sonic fingerprint of up to three reference tracks, EQual 10-band digital equalizer and more. It’s also now possible to assemble a full-length production directly within the T-RackS 5 interface and create an album sequence with suitable track metadata, including pauses, fades, track IDs, ISRC codes, CD-Text and more.

16×2 AVB-Networked Personal Monitor Mixer

Designed to work seamlessly with the PreSonus StudioLive Series III family of mixers, and other AVB-enabled systems, the PreSonus EarMix 16M 16×2 AVB-networked personal monitor mixer ($399.95) provides a high-quality, expandable, networked monitoring solution for stage, installed sound systems and studio recording. Features include channel grouping and stereo channel linking, limiting and 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange frequency to each channel, and the main mix plus store and recall of up to 16 mix scenes locally. The EarMix 16M can be powered with its included external power supply or via Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling network cables to carry electrical power to compatible devices.

Three Home Studio Solutions

Soundcraft Notepad-5 ($123.75), -8FX ($161.25) and -12FX ($198.75) are desktop analog mixing surfaces that offer Harman signal processing, including Lexicon reverbs, chorus and delay with tap tempo control, USB connectivity, and digital I/O. The small-format mixing solutions feature microphone preamps, XLR combination jack mic/line inputs, and ¼-inch balanced inputs for connecting keyboards, playback devices and more. USB I/O connectivity enables easy recording and playback with digital audio or video workstations.

New Sound Reinforcement Products

6-Channel Automixer for Radio, TV and More

Audio-Technica’s ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer ($899) allows channels to be mixed automatically in gate or gain sharing mode, without the introduction of feedback, excessive ambient noise or comb filtering. Features include controls for input/output and gain levels; set and recall presets; turn on/off phantom power, low-cut filter, automatic mixing and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC); change IP configuration (Auto or Static) and more. DSP processing for inputs and outputs, including parametric EQ, compressor, limiter and feedback control. Control and monitoring tools are accessible locally on the front panel or via the Web Remote interface from a Windows- based PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

Upgrade to iPad App for CL and QL Digital Consoles

With the new Version 7 of Yamaha’s StageMix control app for the iPad (free download), both CL StageMix and QL StageMix acquire a new “custom” meter area and a more flexible fader area layout capability. Other improvements include an input patch function that allows multiple consecutive input channels to be patched as a group. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between Shure and Yamaha since 2013, control and monitoring support has also been added for Shure wireless receivers that are non-Dante compatible, including the AXT400, QLXD4, and ULXD4.

Multichannel Line-to-Dante/Dante-to-Line Interfaces

Ready for install, live or studio use, the ML-32D ($2,299.99) and ML-16D ($1,599.99) enable audio engineers and integrators to easily connect 32 or 16 channels of audio between the analog domain and Dante-enabled digital components. The interfaces support up to 24-bit/96kHz audio and feature analog line level I/O via D-Sub connectors (eight on ML-32D and four on ML-16D), and front panel LED meters to display both signal level and overload for each active channel.

Compact, Multichannel Analog/SDI/AES Mixing Tool

The MPA1 Mix SDI from TSL Products provides users with an intuitive yet flexible audio monitoring tool that enables the quick and easy creation of audio monitor mixes comprised of embedded SDI audio, AES, and analog audio sources. Features include: an HDMI output, an AES3id input on BNC, an Ethernet connection, two line-level balanced analog inputs, two auto-sensing, SD/HD/3G-SDI (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60Hz) video inputs, internal full range loudspeaker system and a headphone output with selectable loudspeaker muting.