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Articles From This Author

New Products

NAMM 2018: Day One

Winter NAMM opened on Thursday with the introduction of the new North Hall giving the giant show in Anaheim more space than ever. Mostly...


Spatial Audio at AES

For amateurs and pros alike, the tools to produce slick-looking 3D, 4k content with post-produced audio are here.


NAB 2017: An Audio Tour

The National Association of Broadcasters met in Las Vegas this week, and as is usual, there were plenty of new products introduced—television production and...


TechTalk: Time to Gear Up?

The gear bug is infectious: Once bitten, you’re always looking for the next and newest thing that will improve your workflow and inspire you...


Data Drama

I just had a valued hard drive fail. I know it happens, but I still went through the eight emotional stages after data loss.


Evolving Transducers

It wasn’t that long ago that we started trusting digital enough to be all-in. Since then, and especially lately, the evolution of digital products...


Big Studios Bring It

Unless you just woke from a 20-year sleep, you know that digital recording and the Internet have pushed us into a multi-level world of...


Think Again

The part of my job that excites me the most is when I come across new technologies and approaches that change the way I...

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