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New Products for June 2018

New studio and live sound equipment from Harrison Consoles, PS Audio, VEVA Sound, Focal, Neutrik, Harman, Adamson Systems Engineering, Mackie, Sensaphonics and Martin Audio


Harrison AVA Mastering EQ Plug-In

Some “Harrison Mixbus Magic,” Regardless of DAW

Harrison Consoles has launched a new cross-format plug-in, the AVA Mastering EQ, the first of a new cross-format plug-in range from Harrison that supports the following platforms and formats: AAX (Mac, Windows), VST3 (Mac, Windows), VST (Mac, Windows, Linux) and AudioUnit (Mac). The AVA Mastering EQ features a filter shape that is explicitly designed for mastering tracks. Unlike a conventional EQ, when adjacent bands of the AVA Mastering EQ are adjusted, the response is “flat” between the band edges. This preserves the relative harmonic balance of the instruments in the mix while adjusting the overall tonality. The AVA Mastering EQ is optimized for small, wide-bandwidth adjustments.

PS Audio Sprout100

Next-Generation Sprout Doubles the Power, Adds Features

PS Audio’s Sprout100 integrated amplifier preserves the styling and compact size of the original Sprout, while improving the performance and functionality of every element of the original. Sprout’s signature features remain: a built-in DAC, Bluetooth, phono preamp, headphone amp and power amp. Revised topologies improve the noise levels and dynamic capabilities of the phono pre and the headphone amp; the Sabre 9016 replaces the previous Wolfson DAC and improves linearity; and the state-of-the-art ICEpower modules provide improved sound quality. In addition, Sprout100 features an upgraded amp capable of 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 100 wpc into 4 ohms and a fully asynchronous DAC that can handle 384/24 PCM or double-rate DSD.

VEVA Sound SCP Plug-In

Like a Second Engineer in Software Form

Today, when accurate and complete metadata are the key to distribution, discovery and payment, the way recording data is gathered has become fragmented at the most basic level. The second engineer’s craft has fallen by the wayside. More importantly, the reasons why this metadata is valuable has for many either been misunderstood or lost entirely. VEVA Sound’s SCP is a free plug-in that is designed to work with any DAW and gather data about recording sessions, akin to a virtual second engineer. VEVA created this plug-in based on nearly two decades of working with producers, engineers and artists within studios, collecting metadata, preserving large catalogs, and working with major labels. The SCP plug-in supports recording engineers’ data collection efforts as they work on a session in real time. Based on the international DDEX RIN standard, the plug-in encourages engineers to input required fields. The plug-in offers the option of generating and sharing a fully compliant RIN (recording information notification) as a PDF or XML file.

Focal Clear Professional Headphones

High-End for the Ears, Designed to Replicate Monitor Playback

With the introduction of the Clear professional reference headphones ($1,699), Focal has set out to match the “best monitor speakers in a room with perfect acoustics.” The company’s first open-back, circumaural professional headphones build on the research and development that began with the company’s Elear and Utopia high-end headphones, incorporating a new generation of Focal’s 40mm full-range speaker. A 24.5mm diameter, 5.5mm long unsupported copper coil has the effect of achieving an extremely high magnetic field in the coil. With this, the moving parts are always under control, even at maximum capacity, providing bass articulation worthy of the best subwoofers. Its 55-ohm impedance makes them easy to drive, even in a mobile configuration, directly connected to the headphone output of a laptop. The proprietary 75-micron suspension combines very low mass with high elongation, contributing to exceptional impulse response with breakup raised to 24 kHz. Clear Professional headphones come with two 24 AWG cables so that users have the best solution for their device of choice. Cables include a 5-meter spiral for use in the studio and a 1.2-meter fitted with a 3.5mm stereo jack connector. The headphones come in a rigid, thermoformed shell carrying case.

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Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE Interface

Dante I/O Allows Four Analog Signals to Connect Simultaneously

The AV industry now officially runs on networks; the scalability and flexibility has advanced to the point that it’s hard to imagine life before this level of interconnectivity. Neutrik, a leader in interconnectivity products, has released an interface makes it possible to connect available and trusted analog devices with an existing network, and with the intelligent NA2-IO-DLINE interface from Neutrik, the integration can be completed in just a few short steps. With the new end-of-network device, Neutrik offers two inputs and two outputs, allowing four analog signals to be connected simultaneously. In addition to the input and output signal conversion, the NA2-IO-DLINE offers the typical Neutrik casing, which is extremely stable and equipped with a lockable etherCON connection. For broad use, the adapter can be used as a standalone device in floor outlets or in 19-inch racks.

Studer Vista 5 Black Edition Console

Budget-Friendly Console Adds Studer Infinity Core Support, More

Harman has introduced and shipped the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition console, a “budget friendly” addition to its Vista 5 line intended for use in radio and TV broadcast, OB trucks, houses of worship, performing arts and similar applications. Based on the Vista 5 M3 mixing console, the Vista 5 Black Edition features the Studer Infinity Core processing engine, which in turn brings more advanced capabilities to the platform. Available in in 22-, 32- and 44-fader sizes, with support for an optional TFT meter bridge, the console’s features include Studer’s Vistronics interface and FaderGlow technology, as well as the Infinity Core’s advanced capabilities such as Dynamic EQ plug-ins and full Core redundancy with up to 1,000 MEQs (Mono Equivalent Channels). The Vista 5 Black Edition supports any of Studer’s range of Infinity Core products, including the Infinity Core 300, 600 and 1000, as well as the new Studer Infinity Core Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution. This IT-based solution allows customers to run Studer’s real-time audio processing on their own server hardware by adding a standard PCIe Infinity CoreLink card.

Sound Reinforcement

Adamson Systems Engineering IS7p and IS10p Loudspeakers

New Additions to IS-Series of Install-Focused Speakers

The IS7p and IS10p join the IS7 and IS10 two-way, full-range line array cabinets and IS118 and IS119 subwoofers in the IS-Series, which puts Adamson’s tour-grade technology into a sleek package with rugged and unobtrusive rigging solutions. The IS7p is a two-way point source cabinet with two ND7-LM16 7-inch Kevlar Low-Mid drivers (2x 16 ohms) and one NH3-8 1.4-inch exit compression driver (8 ohms). The IS10p is a two-way point source cabinet containing two ND10-LM 10-inch Kevlar Low-Mid drivers (2x 16 ohms) and the same NH3-8 exit compression driver. Both loudspeakers feature newly designed waveguides. The rotatable waveguides are available with nominal dispersion patterns of 70 x 40 degrees or 100 x 50 degrees, respectively, and provide a smooth transition from on- to off-axis positions. A plate-and-screw rigging system is placed on four faces of the enclosure, with a multitude of accessories for deploying in a variety of applications.

Mackie FreePlay Series

Affordable, Quality Portable P.A. with Built-In Battery, Bluetooth

Mackie last month introduced an all-new personal PA plus matching portable Bluetooth speaker series, the FreePlay Series personal PA and portable Bluetooth speakers. Available in three models—FreePlay LIVE, FreePlay HOME and FreePlay G—the FreePlay Series delivers high sound quality and value in an even more compact form than the original FreePlay. It can run on either AC or battery power, with the built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery offering up to 15 hours of use. FreePlay LIVE includes inputs for microphone, guitar, keyboard or playback device. With the FreePlay Connect app, users can control levels, EQ, reverb and more remotely for FreePlay HOME or GO over Bluetooth, and even link it to a second FreePlay Series speaker with enhanced control. Sold individually, the U.S. MSRP pricing is $559.99 for FreePlay LIVE, $349.99 for FreePlay HOME and $256.99 for FreePlay GO.

Sensaphonics D2 Dual Dynamic IEM

Dual Drivers Operate in Parallel to Achieve the Needed Sensitivity

Sensaphonics has announced the immediate availability of the first dual-driver dynamic in-ear monitor with soft silicone earpieces: the D2 Dual Dynamic IEM. The D2 utilizes twin dynamic drivers to deliver full-range high-fidelity audio with strong bass response, clear midrange, and extended high frequencies, according to the company. Using a time-aligned, crossover-free configuration, the drivers are housed in the proprietary Dynamic Resonance Chamber, providing the proper acoustics to optimize the twin driver outputs into a wide-bore output port. With a deep fit for a strong seal, the D2 carries a certified noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 dB. Its documented broadband isolation is a minimum 32.6 dB in the difficult bass range and up to 47.6 dB at high frequencies to enable high-impact monitoring at safer levels. The Sensaphonics D2 Dual Dynamic custom IEM is now shipping.

Martin Audio TH Series

High-Performance Three-Way System in Vertical or Horizontal

At InfoComm this month, Martin Audio is introducing the TH Series, which comprises two high-performance, all-horn, three-way systems in both a horizontally and vertically formatted package. Designed to complement the styling of its best-selling CDD and BlacklineX Series, the TH Series is ideal for nightclub and large-scale installs. The Hybrid low-frequency section comprises a horn-loaded 15-inch/4-inch voice coil driver that is reflex-loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural horn cutoff point. The mid-horn has a unique “phase-ball” loading device that maintains the constant directivity characteristics of the horn at the upper end of its range. It is driven by a 10-inch midrange driver with an aluminum demodulating ring for improved high-mid clarity and reduced distortion when driven hard. The 70° x 40° HF section features a neodymium 1-inch exit compression driver with a Kapton diaphragm for high sensitivity and extended HF performance. The internal mid/high passive crossover allows these three-way systems to be driven in a bi-amp configuration.

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