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Cakewalk Sonar Returns as BandLab Rebrands Legacy DAW

BandLab Technologies will rebrand its Cakewalk by BandLab music production software, reviving the legacy Sonar name for its DAW.


Singapore (June 6, 2023)—BandLab Technologies will rebrand its Cakewalk by BandLab music production software, reverting to the original name of merely Cakewalk, but with two distinct products underneath: Cakewalk Sonar and a new product, Cakewalk Next.

BandLab acquired Cakewalk in 2018; while the legacy DAW was revered in parts of the recording industry, moving from one corporate parent to another had taken its toll at the time. Initially founded in 1987 as Twelve Tone Systems, Cakewalk was an early pioneer of MIDI sequence software, over time growing to develop products like its respected Sonar DAW, various virtual instruments and effects, and a handful of entry-level musical consumer products. Following eight years of growing collaborations, Roland invested in the company in 2003, eventually taking a majority stake in 2008. The brand was then sold to Gibson Brands in 2013, a purchase originally made with the intention of forming a new brand, TASCAM Professional Software, that would publish the brand’s products and develop joint products with TASCAM.

Now, the Cakewalk Sonar rebrand reintroduces the Sonar name for the DAW. With a UI refresh and a platform that will see ongoing feature development, Cakewalk Sonar will be aimed at pro use on Windows desktop devices. The new edition will offer compatibility with legacy projects created in previous iterations of Sonar and Cakewalk by BandLab.

Meanwhile, Cakewalk Next, currently offered as a Beta for Mac and Windows platforms, is described by the company as “a user-centric music creation tool to enhance and simplify modern desktop workflows.”

BandLab Technologies CEO/co-founder Meng Ru Kuok noted in a statement, “With BandLab, we’ve taken mobile creation possibilities to the next level, but we still think there’s still more to deliver, especially as our users mature and interact with more creators and partners in their journey. Cakewalk now stands alone as an independent brand, with plenty more exciting news to come over these next few months.”

BandLab Technologies recently announced a $25M Series B1 raise, resulting in a post-money valuation of $425M. Pricing for both Sonar and Next will be provided as the products get closer to launch.