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New Products: July 2019

The latest products from Bose, RØDE, Danley Sound Labs, Martin Audio, and more

RØDE Microphones TF-5

RØDE Microphones has introduced the TF-5 mic that was designed in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Tony Faulkner. The TF-5 features a matched pair, small diaphragm condenser cardioid microphones with a brand new capsule that RØDE claims was precision-engineered to sub-micron tolerances. It has an exceptionally low noise floor (14 dbA), and includes a high-quality stereo bar for easy rigging as a stereo pair.

Faulkner is one of the most respected sound engineers in the classical music field. He is incredibly prolific, with thousands of classical music recordings under his belt, and he has been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards, winning Best Instrumental Soloist Performance in 2005.

“The TF-5 is designed to be no-compromise,” says Faulkner. “Very very low noise, very broad bandwidth, very clean. Something which can be modified if you choose, but if you leave it, it sounds natural and clean and musical.”

Martin Audio WPS Line Array

Martin Audio has announced WPS, the fourth model in its Wavefront Precision optimized line array series. Following the introductions of WPL (12-inch LF), WPC (10-inch LF) and WPM (6.5-inch LF), WPS (8-inch LF) is a versatile line array with a peak SPL of 133 dB. WPS is a passive 3-way system that integrates a high density of drive units in a very compact enclosure. It features 2 x 8-inch LF drivers, 4 x 4-inch midrange drivers and 4 x 1-inch exit HF compression drivers loaded by a molded HF horn that occupies the full width of the enclosure—defining the 100-degree horizontal constant directivity coverage pattern of both the HF and midrange sections.

The 4-inch midrange drivers are compression-loaded to raise efficiency and enter the horn walls via annular slots close to the HF throat to sum effectively with the HF wavefront. In the HF section, four 1-inch exit compression drivers deliver high frequency sound.

The 8-inch LF drivers are set back behind the walls of the HF horn, with a small volume of air in front of each driver that increases the output at the upper end of its operating range. The LF exit apertures are spaced apart horizontally to provide useful LF horizontal pattern control.

For extended low frequency performance, WPS is designed to be partnered with the SXC118 cardioid subwoofer and its flyable variant, SXCF118.

Ashly Audio CA Series Power Amplifier line

Ashly Audio’s new CA Series Power Amplifier line introduces new capabilities that are critical to installers and end users alike. The new CA Series features six models—three 2-channel models and three 4-channel models—that come in 500-watt, 1,000-watt and 1,500-watt per channel (@ 4 ohms) versions. The CA Series is also designed for stable operation at 2 ohms and 70V.

Each unit incorporates Ashly’s D-MAX technology, which allows for efficiency and reliability—including proprietary power supply design and energy management systems, as well as control system implementation. Dynamic Power-Factor Correction adds a level of intelligence to power utilization efficiency by accurately tracking fluctuations in current, rather than just sampling at the peaks. Also, new SailFlow cooling design brings a bi-lateral air-cooling system that maintains a low operational temperature.

Radial Engineering Catapult Mini TRS

Radial Engineering’s Catapult Mini TRS is the company’s latest addition to the Catapult product line of modular Cat5 audio snakes. The Catapult Mini TRS provides the ability to drive four analog audio channels over a single shielded Cat5 cable and connect to audio interfaces and other devices with balanced ¼-inch connections. The Mini TRS is small enough to fit inside a road case or the dog house of a mixing console, and it complements the existing Catapult Mini RX and TX modules, which feature male and female XLR connectors respectively. A compact steel chassis includes a hardwired fan-out to four balanced ¼-inch TRS connectors.

All of the Radial Catapult modules are compatible with each other, and each is sold individually. Two Catapult Mini TRS modules can be used together as a pair to create a compact 4-channel ¼-inch TRS audio snake, or they can be connected to other Catapult modules that include XLR inputs and outputs, splitting capabilities, or transformer isolation. 

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40 Point Source Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound has introduced the ULTRA-X40 point source loudspeaker. Based on technologies developed for the newest generation of LEO Family line arrays, ULTRA-X40 features a distinctive driver configuration, a rotatable horn, and a new amplifier and processing module.

Its concentric-driver configuration couples two 8-inch cone drivers to a rotatable waveguide surrounding a 3-inch high-frequency compression driver, to deliver smooth response across its entire range and directional control down to 400 Hz. It features a 3-channel Class D amplifier that provides peak output of 1,950 watts with a max sustained current draw of just 1.3 A (230 V AC). And it delivers a linear peak SPL of 130.5 dB free-field at 1 meter measured with Meyer Sound M-Noise. Its dimensions are 12.5 x 22 x 14 inches and less than 55 pounds—20 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the UPA-1P.

Interphase Audio Debuts Two New Analog Recording and Mixing Consoles

Interphase Audio has announced the Ark 1648 and Ark 4048 recording and mixing consoles. Based on the Ark 8, discrete, Class-A, modular, configurable console, these brand-new consoles pack most of the goodies of the Ark 8 in a standard, affordable package.

While the Ark 8 remains the top-of-the-line, the Ark 1648 and Ark 4048 are configured as standard consoles, with every option pre-installed. The Ark 1648 is an inline console, with mic pre, EQs and filters per input channel. The Ark 4048 is an inline console, with mic pre and slots for 500 Series modules per input channel.

Both consoles feature the same master section, with two stereo mix buses, eight stereo returns and full CRM section with two cue outputs, four stereo speakers sets and four stereo external inputs.

New Cinema Line Amps from Danley Sound

In support of the Cinema Line, Danley Sound Labs has introduced the Danley 10K8c and 3K8c amplifiers. Both models are two rack units and provide eight independent inputs and eight independent amplifier channels (though any pair of channels can be bridged), 96 kHz digital processing, presets for every Cinema Line loudspeaker and subwoofer, and loudspeaker and circuit protection. The principal difference between them is that the Danley 10K8c delivers 1,250 watts per channel, whereas the Danley 3K8c delivers 400 watts per channel (2, 4, or 8 ohms or 70V for both units).

Power-saving features result in significant reductions in waste heat generation. System integration with Ethernet or GPIO ports allows remote system monitoring and power sequencing. Phoenix-style input and GPIO terminals make installation straightforward. Analog and optional Dante digital networked audio inputs can make installation even simpler when working with AES67 or Dante-enabled output devices.

Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO Dante Interface

Neutrik USA has released the new 2-in, 2-out NA2-IO-DPRO Dante interface. The NA2-IO-DPRO features two inputs switchable between Mic, Line, and AES/EBU signals, plus two outputs switchable between analog Line and AES/EBU. Two Dante ports provide for either redundancy or device daisy chaining.

The NA2-IO-DPRO front panel provides two latching XLR inputs plus two XLR outputs. AES/EBU operation is seamlessly and independently auto detected for inputs and outputs. Using Neutrik’s free DPRO controller software for Mac or PC, +48 V phantom power can be applied; microphone preamplifier gain, pad and highpass filtering can be set per channel; and input channels can be linked for matched operation. Output channels can be muted or unmuted within the software.

The NA2-IO-DPRO rear panel provides primary and secondary Dante ports over Neutrik etherCON connectors. The secondary input can be configured for either Redundant mode or Switched mode (for daisy chaining). When operating in Switched mode in conjunction with a 60 W PoE injector, up to eight devices can be daisy chained. Up to four devices can be daisy chained with a 30 W PoE injector.

Neutrik’s NA2-IO-DPRO is AES67 compliant. Power must be externally supplied via either a PoE switch or a PoE injector per IEEE 802.3af/at, class 2 or no classification at 6W. With optional mounting brackets or a rack panel, the NA2-IO-DPRO can be mounted below tables, in floor boxes, in racks or on the stage truss.

New Products from Bose

Bose has unveiled the ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers, which bring Bose sound quality to outdoor installations through DeltaQ technology. Also introduced by Bose are 12 models of DesignMax loudspeakers in a range of sizes (ceiling and surface models, black and white, with subwoofer options); five new PowerSpace amplifiers (two with onboard DSP); two Commercial Sound Processors with a simplified configuration tool; three new digital ControlCenter controllers; and an upgraded Business Music System Designer software tool to facilitate quicker and better system designs.

According to the company, the new, expanded line comes together to build a range of cohesive systems that reflect Bose Professional’s latest advancements in terms of audio technology and design aesthetics, while also focusing on customers’ everyday needs with greater ease of design, configuration and installation.