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New Products — November 2019

A collection of new studio and sound reinforcement products released around November 2019.


Earthworks Expands SR314 Vocal Microphone Line
Released in March of this year, the SR314 is a vocal microphone with precision-machined stainless steel chassis and retro-meets-futuristic design. It is now available in three eye-catching combinations—stainless steel, black coated stainless steel with a black windscreen, and black coated stainless steel with a stainless windscreen. Key features of the SR314 include rich open natural sound captured in a tight cardioid polar pattern that is consistent throughout the full frequency range. It states a 145 dB SPL handling and an extended 20 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response. The SR314, SR314-B, and SR314-SB ship with an MC4 microphone clip and 8.5-inch padded protective bag.

GIK Acoustics Impression, Alpha Series Acoustic Foam
Leading acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics is launching an acoustic foam option as part of the popular Impression Series and Alpha Series room treatments. The Impression and Alpha Series incorporate a front plate with designs cut into it to both absorb low-to-mid frequencies while diffusing high frequencies simultaneously. The result is even, tempered low-mid frequency control as well as improved high-frequency balance and ambience. Available in squares measuring 23.5 x 23.5 x 2.25-inches, the high-performing acoustic foam offers a lightweight, versatile, affordable and effective acoustic solution. The Impression Series is available in 12 elegant patterns—Basketweave, Braids, Palomar, Sunrise, Wavy Leaves, Bubbles, Checkerboard, Gatsby Arches, Mod Geometric, 3D Cubes, and Digiwave—while the Alpha Series is available in three mathematical patterns: 1D (1-dimensional), 2Da and 2Db (2-dimensional).

Kali Audio IN-8 Coincident Studio Monitor
Kali Audio has announced the IN-8, a new three-way studio monitor with an 8-inch woofer, and concentric 4-Inch midrange and 1-inch tweeter. The IN-8 shares its port tube, woofer, tweeter and much of its amplifier with Kali’s popular LP-8 studio monitor. In place of the LP-8’s waveguide, the IN-8 has a 4-inch midrange driver, which acts as the waveguide for the tweeter. The woofer is crossed over to the midrange at 330 Hz, making the IN-8 an acoustical point source. This configuration eliminates lobing in the vertical axis, giving the IN-8 a highly detailed soundstage. The midrange is profile-optimized for its role as the tweeter’s waveguide, and peak excursion is limited to 1mm, thereby avoiding intermodulation distortion, which can be problematic on coaxial designs. The IN-8 is powered by a 140 W Class D amp with 60 W going to the woofer and 40 W each going to the midrange and tweeter. Boundary EQ settings, like those found on Kali’s Lone Pine monitors, are accessible on the back of the speaker, along with a quick reference guide printed directly onto the speaker itself.

Manley Labs 30th Anniversary Reference Cardioid Mic
In continuing the celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, Manley Laboratories has announced a limited run of its classic Reference Cardioid tube microphone in a custom pearlescent white finish with red accents, dubbed the “Reference Cardioid XXX Anniversary Limited Edition.” The microphone will feature the MANLEY POWER Switch-Mode Power Supply, currently used in the Manley Reference Silver Microphone. Based on the same technologies already proven in the Manley CORE, FORCE, ELOP+ and Nu Mu processors, this new PSU is said to be “empirically quieter” than the microphone’s original linear PSU. The new power supply is also universal, allowing it to work anywhere in the world without a voltage changeover switch or power transformer rewiring. The Reference Cardioid XXX microphone is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and began shipping at the end of October.

Gyraf Audio Gyratec G23-S Ambler Tilt EQ
One F Sound, North American distributor for Gyraf Audio, showed the full Gyraf Audio line of equipment for the very first time at the NYC AES Convention in October. Gyraf Audio, out of Denmark, manufactures boutique analog gear comprising dynamics, EQs and a mic pre—all primarily of a passive or passive and tube design. The Gyratec G23-S “Ambler” Tilt EQ with solid state option has been nominated for the January 2020 NAMM TEC Awards. One F Sound also distributes the legendary MASELEC line of processors.

MXL Microphones APS Podcasting Bundle
MXL Microphones has introduced the APS Podcasting Bundle, offering three hardware components including a microphone, stand and XLR/USB adapter, specifically designed for live streamers and podcasters. The MXL BCD-1 broadcast dynamic microphone is an end-address microphone with warm, rich tones designed to make vocals stand out in any recording or broadcast. It includes a built-in shock mount and swivel mount. The BCD-Stand with articulating hinge arm allows for easy mic placement and provides a professional look and feel for podcasters. The Mic Mate Pro is an XLR-to-USB audio interface adapter that allows podcasters and live streamers to connect their microphones directly to their computer, effectively converting any XLR microphone into a USB microphone. With 48V phantom power, gain and headphone volume control, and studio-quality preamp capabilities, the Mic Mate Pro is a versatile and compact universal interface. A built-in headphone jack allows for zero-latency direct monitoring.

Reason Studios (formerly Propellerhead) Reason 11
The highlight of the new Reason 11 is the Reason Rack Plugin, which allows engineers to open Reason’s Rack inside almost any DAW—no need to involve ReWire anymore. Initially, the Reason Rack Plugin will come only in VST3 format, but an AU version is promised before the end of the year. New processors include a pair of new modulation effects: Quartet Chorus Ensemble, a versatile chorus effect; and Sweeper Modulation Effect, a phaser/flanger/filter. The dynamics and EQ processors from Reason’s mixer can also open in the Rack, including the Master Bus Compressor. Starting with version 11 there will be three tiers in the Reason hierarchy: Reason 11 Suite is at the top end and includes all Reason instruments, effects and Rack Extensions. Reason 11 standard version doesn’t include the Rack Extensions or Scenic Hybrid Instrument. Reason 11 Intro is an entry-level version.

Royer Labs AxeMount SM-21 Dual Microphone Clip
The AxeMount SM-21 from Royer Labs is a microphone clip that holds two microphones: a Royer R-121 ribbon mic and a 57-style dynamic microphone. The combination of these two mics is a tried-and-true technique that has proved its effectiveness in the studio as well as on stage, whereby the R-121 captures a warm, full-bodied sound, while a 57-style mic is used to add the aggressive crunch. The AxeMount securely holds the two microphones on a single mic stand, with optimal positioning and correct phase alignment. An added bonus for live engineers is that both mics can be easily moved at the same time to another speaker cone, or another cabinet, without disturbing the arrangement or coherence of the two microphones.

United Plugins FireSonic FireCobra
The recently launched United Plugins is a conglomerate of several different smaller European plug-in developers. The company hit the ground running with several new releases, including FireCobra, an audio enhancement plug-in from FireSonic. FireCobra offers several different algorithms that you can dial in, including Intensify, Smack and Analogize. Intensify, which the developer says includes “advanced” dynamics processing, is the default algorithm and the most impactful of the three.

The Smack algorithm adds subtle harmonic distortion, and the Analogize provides some analog-like saturation. A Wet/Dry knob controls the overall effect, while each of the three processes has its own knob so that you can dial in a suitable combination. Also available are three different levels of Oversampling: 2x, 3x and 4x. This feature is designed to be used if you notice any aliasing artifacts from the processing.

Steinberg Wavelab 10 Mastering Software
The highly anticipated tenth version of the WaveLab audio mastering software, available in Pro and Elements versions, now supports video playback, Reference Track, Audio Montage editing enhancements plus many other new features. New features to WaveLab Pro include Reference Track for adding a reference audio file and then toggling between the reference audio file and other tracks; an option to access and modify audio with other editors like SpectraLayers from within WaveLab; the former Effect Tool Windows has been redesigned and renamed the Montage Inspector, making it easier to use. The track list in the Audio Montage has also witnessed an overhaul, with several improvements to the user interface. Other Pro features include: Import markers from XML files; Move markers to their nearest zero cross position; Increased number of effects and playback processing slots in the Master section; option to remove all batch processor plug-ins from a chain at once; and much more. WaveLab 10 is available now.

TELEFUNKEN Alchemy Microphone Series
Microphone manufacturer TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has introduced the new Alchemy Series of large-diaphragm tube condenser microphones, designed, hand-built and tested in Connecticut, with unique sonic profiles developed from the ground up. The voicings of the new Alchemy Series are the TF29 Copperhead, TF39 Copperhead Deluxe, TF47 and TF51 feature a combination of vintage microphone elements and modern fidelity and reliability. The TF39 Copperhead Deluxe is an evolution and expansion of the “Copperhead,” with the addition of a dual membrane K67-style capsule, allowing for three-pattern selection between cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8. The cardioid-only version of the mic system is also available as the TF29 Copperhead. Sonically and component-wise, the two microphones are the same. All systems ship in a sleek, compact, protective case for easy transport and storage. Included are two mount options, microphone dust cover, high-flex 7-meter cable and an American-assembled power supply.



Clair Brothers C10-TrueFit Line Array Loudspeaker
The latest addition to the Clair Brothers C-Series Loudspeakers, the C10-TrueFit is a mid-sized, passive line array element featuring a custom horizontal waveguide that is designed-to-order. The C10-TrueFit employs dual 10-inch drivers and Clair’s TrueFit Technology to optimize the array for a specific venue, reducing the amount of energy wasted on spill toward walls and extending the stereo image across a larger audience area. The reduction in lateral reflections produces a focused sound with higher levels of intelligibility. The C10 can be ordered with a variety of factory horizontal waveguide patterns. The standard C10 factory waveguide pattern is 100 degrees horizontal x 15 degrees vertical, but a range of horizontal waveguides between 70 and 120 degrees are also available. As with the C12- and C8-TrueFit models, the C10-TrueFit features new transducer technology that significantly reduces weight and reduces amplifier channel requirements.

Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K Portable P.A. System
The Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable P.A. system driven by a high-frequency array speaker packed with 10 small-diameter 1.5-inch drivers that provide professional-level accuracy and clarity. A 12-inch subwoofer incorporates the company’s own Twisted Flare Port technology to the subwoofer to effectively reduce wind noise in the bass reflex port. The system features a 1000 W Class-D amplifier. Unique to the STAGEPAS 1K system is a 5-channel digital mixer located in the back of the subwoofer. It features three channels of mono microphone/line inputs and stereo inputs, with two of the mono input channels fitted with Hi-Z connectivity for direct input of acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments. Like its predecessors, this mixer supports 1/8-inch mini jacks and playback with Bluetooth devices, as well as a wide range of input sources from instruments to CD players, PCs and smartphones.

Tectonic Audio Labs DML500
Tectonic Audio Labs has expanded its line of flat-panel loudspeakers with the DML500. Based upon the company’s patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology, the DML500 is a point-source loudspeaker employing a carbon fiber flat-panel transducer coupled to conventional moving-coil drivers. This unique design produces audio across a broad frequency range, delivering exceptional intelligibility with an extremely wide and predominantly diffuse coverage pattern of 160 degrees in the horizontal and vertical planes. Frequency response for the DML500 is stated as 90 Hz to 20 kHz ±6 dB, with a 10 dB down point of 75 Hz. The DML500 has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms, and an input sensitivity of 91 dB, when used with Tectonic’s recommended EQ settings. Power handling is spec’d as 300 watts program and 400 watts peak (at 8 Ohms).