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Product of the Week: Drawmer 1970 Dual FET Compressor/Preamplifier

Owing its heritage to the hugely successful 1960 Mic Preamp/Vacuum Tube Compressor, the 1970 Dual FET Compressor/Preamplifier from Drawmer expands on the feature set of the original, and brings vintage audio character to an affordable price point.

Dual microphone preamps in the 1970 employ the latest technology from THAT Corporation to create a clean, transparent signal path. A fully balanced, hardwire bypass can be used to connect the input source directly to the output, without passing through the compressor, mix and gain control circuitry. Each channel provides 66 dB of gain, switchable mic input impedance, +48 VDC phantom power, phase reverse, and a highpass filter (70 Hz, 12 dB/octave). A dedicated front-panel DI features advanced passive EQ control, as well as independent gain control with a 20dB boost switch. With the exception of the DI, both channels of the 1970 are identical and may be used independently or linked for stereo operation.

The FET compressor section of the 1970 has controls for threshold, ratio, attack time and release time; release time may also be set to be program-dependent. Two unique switches in the compression section are “Big” and “Air.” When switched on, the Big switch reduces sidechain sensitivity to low frequencies, resulting in less gain reduction at low frequencies. The Air switch is used to restore some of the high frequencies that could otherwise be lost due to heavy compression.

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A variable output mix control enables a user to set a balance between “dry” (uncompressed) and “wet” (compressed) signals without need for creating elaborate routing schemes. A pair of backlit VU meters are equipped with a 10dB pad switch so that signals can be driven to hot levels without worry of damaging the meters. Rear-panel audio I/O is via balanced XLR connectors, with sidechain access on TRS connectors (ring = send, tip = return).

The Drawmer 1970 is designed and manufactured by hand in the UK.

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