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Sensaphonics Unveils dB Check Pro In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer

Sensaphonics' new dB Check Pro in-ear sound level analyzer tells users how loud their IEMs are.

Sensaphonics dB Check Pro In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer
Sensaphonics dB Check Pro In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer

Chicago, IL (August 28, 2023)—Sensaphonics has launched its new dB Check Pro in-ear sound level analyzer, an in-line device that tells users how loud their IEMs are.

The unit displays SPL levels and safe exposure times, showing both average and simultaneous levels being sent to one’s ears. It also tracks ambient noise levels with its onboard microphone, letting users know how loud and how long they can listen safely on stage, in rehearsal, and in the studio.

dB Check Pro is programmed to work with more than 140 IEM and headphone models from a dozen manufacturers. The in-line measurement device that plugs in between an IEM or headphone and its sound source, such as a monitor mix from a console or wireless bodypack. It has no effect on sound quality; the user can listen normally even if dB Check Pro is turned off.

To use the unit, the listener selects the correct IEM from a list of manufacturers and models, then presses the “play” icon to begin sound level analysis. The dB Check Pro’s OLED display shows both the time-averaged and real-time levels in dBA, plus daily safe exposure time in minutes under both NIOSH and OSHA scales. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 11 hours of use; its mini-USB charging port also enables firmware updates to accommodate future IEM and headphone models.

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The dB Check Pro works by translating the output voltage of IEMs or headphones into A-weighted decibels (dBA-SPL) and has been programmed with each manufacturer’s published specifications for the sensitivity of each model. It also functions as a basic environmental sound level meter, with an integral on-board microphone that measures ambient room levels. The user can set the View to display IEM/headphone levels, room ambiance levels, or both together.

The Sensaphonics dB Check Pro is priced at $500.