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Now Shipping: Symbolic Sound Kyma X.1

Symbolic Sound today announced that Kyma X.1, the next major update to Kyma X sound design environment, is now shipping.

In the Timeline you can now view multiple automated controllers from multiple Sounds, allowing you to more easily coordinate controllers with each other.

Symbolic Sound today announced that Kyma X.1, the next major update to Kyma X sound design environment, is now shipping.

Kyma X.1 delivers support for using a Wacom pen and tablet as a three-dimensional control surface, three new kinds of oscillators, modules for turning presets into a three-dimensional parameter subspace, plus other enhancements and improvements to the Kyma X sound design software.

Using a Wacom Tablet as a 3-D Sound Control Surface,
sound designers can use a Wacom pen and tablet to perform creature voices or match SFX to picture. Musicians can explore the parameter space of a patch or even perform the tablet as a new musical instrument.

“Our goal is for sound designers and musicians to be able to shape sounds with their own hands. The human hand is virtually a direct connection to the human brain,” said Symbolic Sound president Carla Scaletti. “Using your ear and your hand, you can explore and refine sound design patches with incredible speed.”

With the Wacom Intuos3 or Graphire3 pen tablets, sound designers and musicians can use the eraser-end of the pen to simultaneously control up to 8 sound parameters using pen position plus (on the Intuos) pen tilt. You can map any sound parameter to pen orientation by using the Pen Status window.

By flipping the pen over, musicians can use the tablet as a continuous microtonal musical keyboard, sending KeyDown, KeyPitch (left/right), KeyVelocity (up/down), plus an additional key event called KeyTimbre (front/back). Sounds designed for the Continuum Fingerboard ( are fully compatible with Sounds designed for the Wacom tablet in keyboard mode (and vice versa).

The new Kyma Oscillator generates a full range of sound, from a single impulse, to a formant-shifted tone, to the classic continuous waveform oscillator. A new CrossFadingMulticycleOscillator allows users to smoothly interpolate between any two waveforms over the course of a single cycle.

Inspired by revolutionary composer/architect Iannis Xenakis, the XenOscillator lets users define a waveform by adjusting any number of “breakpoints” and interpolating between them with straight lines, curves, or leave them “raw” with no interpolation at all.

Using the new PresetSpace module, users can define a 1, 2 or 3 dimensional subspace by placing the presets of a sound on the vertices of a line, square or cube. You can then move through that space by interpolating between those endpoints.

InterpolatePresets treats any number of presets as points in an n-dimensional space and then allows you to travel along a line connecting those points.

Kyma X.1 runs under Macintosh OS X, Windows XP, and Windows 98/ME/2000 and Macintosh OS 9.2. Wacom Graphire3 and Intuos3 USB versions are supported under OS X and Windows XP operating systems only (no support for OS 9 or Windows 98/ME/2000).

Kyma X.1 is now available as a free New Year’s present to registered Kyma X owners. Visit for details.

Wacom Graphire3 and Intuos3 tablets are available direct from Wacom ( and can also be found in most computer and electronics outlets. Registered Kyma X owners can purchase an Intuos3 4X5 pen tablet and wireless mouse directly from Symbolic Sound.

Tablets ordered from Symbolic Sound include a special plastic overlay providing an XYZ grid, polar coordinates, and the halfstep markers for a two-octave continuous pitch keyboard.

Owners of a Graphire3 or Intuos3 can print and laminate a copy of this template from PDF files supplied by Symbolic Sound (or use these templates as a starting point for designing your own personalized overlays and grids).